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Giant form Open a new era of Chinese mail worldwide.


By … Supheng Thongsri

China is the latest incarnation of space exploration By being able to bring the Change-4 probe to land on the extreme side of the moon on January 3rd is a mission that has never existed. Apart from missions outside the world, China is also becoming a new player in the industry. "Sci-fi movie" is challenging Hollywood. He monopolized the production of a huge form of sci-fi

"Traveling ground" The first major Chinese sci-fi movie with a capital of more than 320 million yuan (about 1.483 million baht) began on Tuesday. What's right for the Chinese New Year Holiday season is the highlight of the Chinese cashier. It is also published in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

The film has a lot of content about the expansion of the sun. And it can swallow the world until people can continue to live. It causes a group of scientists to try to move Earth into a new solar system. But the story is not as simple as it was when the world collapsed in Jupiter.

Meanwhile "Crazy Alien" At the same time, the first Chinese sci-fi movie, directed by Ning Hao, was released, which said that the Chinese sci-fi movie began to appear as an important indicator. The Chinese film market is more diverse.

South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese entertainment industry has rapidly grown from a 40-year-old reform by the Chinese Film Management Office and revealed that China's revenue in 2018 is 6.09. Ten billion euros (about 2.82 billion baht) is the highest record. Compared to the previous year it increased by 9%, with 62.15% of local films, while the number of film theaters in the country in 2018 increased by about 9,300 to about 60 thousand.

However, creating a sci-fi movie is still unreachable for Chinese studios. The Shenzhen University of Science and Technology revealed that the sale of sci-fi films in China in 2017 amounted to 13 billion yuan (about 6.02 billion baht), but in local sci-fi films only 10% or 1.300. A million yuan (about 6,025 million baht) and the first period of 2018, the revenue from science fiction films in China is 9,500 million yuan (about 4,4 billion baht), and the share of local sci-fi films is only 9%.

Focus on quality after tax cases

Sci-fi movie is expected to increase revenues for studios in China. After the official cancellation of tax evasion in the entertainment industry Especially the disappearance of more than 3 months of celebrities Fan ventilation Taxed and taxed at 884 million yuan (about 4,166 million baht) before collecting tax backlogs from celebrities and Chinese entertainment companies by more than 11 billion yuan (about 50 billion Baht) at a time. Come on

Carson Lo, an industrial analyst at Nomura Consulting, said the Chinese film industry is at a turning point. Because the quality and quality of the content is the most important factor in managing the cashier now.

Mao Yan, a ticket sales platform, revealed that the revenue from film tickets in China on February 5 or the first day of the pig year was 1430 million yuan (about 6,626 million baht), the highest record. What Chinese New Year box box is considered as an indicator of the trend of revenue at the end of the year. By the Chinese New Year this year, Sci-fi films account for more than 30% of all Chinese films.

Reflect the space program

The latest sci-fi movie also happens with the success of the Chinese Space Research Project. What should help people focus on sci-fi movies Even in The Wandering Earth, there are scenes of Chinese astronauts working in a space station.

Guantan, the director of The Wandering Earth, said that the development of sci-fi films in China reflects the popularity of sci-fi films in the United States in the 1970s after NASA's research program. And said that if the state does not have the capacity in the space program it would be impossible to create a sci-fi movie. Because the audience is not convinced that characters will solve the problem in the movie

In the past, we had kung fu. And kung fu movies Now China has a space exploration project. The audience also had to watch more sci-fi movies, "said Ning Hao of Crazy American.

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