FTA draws attention to "Director-General of Intellectual Property Division" in case of cancellation of marijuana patent application


On November 19, the Free Trade Agreement Group (FTA), chaired by Mrs. Kannikar Kitiyavejkul, Vice-President of the FTA Wash Group, published a message on the page. "FTA Watch" commented on a patent application filed by the Ministry of Intellectual Property. The message is this.

"The study group of the Free Trade Association FTA comments to the Directors of the Intellectual Property Department. The cancellation of the patent application for marijuana 1 The request for the remaining 8 applications is being verified as to whether it should be canceled or not.

What should the DIP do now?

1. Patent database – Since the marijuana patent is in circulation, it can be concluded that the number of patent applications increased from 9 to 10-12. Problems and uncertainties in the search for patent applications from the patent database. This number. Real Estate Department To date there have been several claims for patents related to cannabis, and all have to be publicly disclosed.

2. Procedure for testing the patent application

2.1 Patent application filed with the Intellectual Property Department But it still did not advertise in this category. Due to the requirement we can only require requests. The ad was published. But we found from marijuana patent information. He found that the property department. Take the time not to disclose a patent application. (From the date of registration, the date of publication is from 2 to 5 years, therefore, the public or even the scientists who follow this, you can not know this.

So, Department of Property. Speed ​​up the request. All the chapters are: (1) Extracts (4) Treatment methods (5) Stability

To claim a request, this step is considered to be correct. For public publicity.

2.2. A patent application that was published on the basis of a request. The 12 requests found that the advertisements published 6 requests, so the Director General takes into account section 30 when the application is filed. New + Advanced Innovation), 9, 10, 11 or 14, the General Director has ordered a patent application.

2.3 The application for a patent, pending the discovery of the application, found that 12 applications for the submission of the five inventions were filed in the investigation.

The department invites the Department to speed up the implementation of section 24, 25, if any requirement is not a new or higher invention. It can not be protected in accordance with section 9 which is the subject of the request.

# Only one requirement Today, according to the Director General's statement, not enough, it still applies to the department. Neglecting our own law "

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