"EASY" was opened for 63 years, according to the previous "KMUTT – KMUTT".


Mr Wanchai Sutthanan, President of the Silpakorn University, spoke of the case back to Kasetsart University (KKU). Repeated From 2019 will be adapted one month a year. Semester July-November. And the second semester in December – April. 2020 will be at the same time. Semester 1, June – October And open the second semester from November to March, when the ERA will return to the open. The date of cessation is from 2017. With a progressive gradual process. It does not affect learning. In the summer of 2018, the first semester will be held in July and November. And the second semester in December – April. 2020 will be at the same time. Semester 1, June – October The second semester is from November to March. Key Reason for the Effect on Teaching. It is a university that focuses on teaching art. The sculpture and painting department must study a university studio without climate. Impact on Teaching At Phetchaburi Campus You have trouble drying In March and April. The fire rises. Therefore, publish it to open. Semester in June than before. I know that. Many universities I started to reopen the same term. The group is looking for Rajabhat Universities and many other universities.

Mrs Kasinee Witoonchat, Rector of the Thammasat University, said that the TTC does not have an official interview. I think that the University revised an open session. This is discussed at the meeting of the Rector of Thailand. The opening of the ASEAN seminar does not affect teaching. And you think this is useful in the academic sense. Especially for Exchanges of students and teachers abroad It will also increase electricity costs, because the weather is hot. The air conditioner must be facing upwards, but it is normal. Time warms up.

Mr. Sakarin Bhumirat, President of the University of Technology, King Mongkut Thonburi (KMUTT), said that KMUT has repeatedly discussed this issue and concluded that the opening of the ASEAN Semester benefited students and teaching. There is a time to prepare students and prepare students for the course. Therefore KMUTT will not have to adjust the opening time for this session. However, as far as viewing is concerned. Back to school At the same time there are few places and everyone is thoroughly thought out because the purpose of each teaching is not the same.

Mr. Riddej Prasitvichai, President of the University Suan Sunandha Rajabhat (MRS), said he did not review. The University of Thailand Chamber of Commerce (TAT) has also opened a semester of the ASEAN University. And turn to turn. A recurrent system of selecting persons for studies in higher education institutions or TAX, who will appear at the opening session in the last round. That's what you think. Probably more useful for the university. However, there is a change in other universities There are reasons. Some time For example, Most return to the old semester.

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