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Note – Opinion of astrologers on the situation in the country During the Songkran Festival Ali Thai New Year, the diet is soft, Nostradamus, Thailand Ascendant of the city Thailand is in Aries, problems that cause tension When entering April this year, Jupiter and Saturn are similar to unequal walking when walk, walk down. And go to Rahu in the Gemini because it can easily cause conflict in the country People make it hot The political situation is completely clear about inconsistencies. All planets walk in straight lines. Venus will influence the Songkran policy and move from Pisces to Aries. It is a situation called "Pra" on April 17th, that is from that date onwards The weather will warm evenly. The policy has increased the heat. There is a problem of incomprehensibility. I need to talk. But talk. This year, it's still hot. Forecasts or Forecasts That may not be the case at that time. The stars can do everything wrong. Is it Delay Throughout the year there are still catastrophes. Whether the heat this year could be worse every year Drought can cause many agricultural crops to be damaged, and in the next period, there may be a huge flood that looks very strange. Both are dry and flooded Which can also involve earthquakes, so if you know this If it will help you to calm down. […]

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