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Chicken is still "ken"! Spurs had a "naughty" shot.

Chicken is still "ken"! Spurs held "Naughty", continued shooting, Leicester recovered good form "data-caption =" The chicken is still free. "Ken"! Spurs had a "naughty" shot, Leicester got a good shape. "/> </figure>
<h2>"Spurs," Spurs continued to be in the shadow of Harry was not a stellar epic that does not quite fit the mischievous Heung – Min lead game hunting nets. "Blue Fox", which focuses on the hope of regaining a good form in the English Premier League Cup on Sunday evening, February 10, live: beIN SPORTS 1, Time: 20:30</h2>
<p style=Football Overview Premier League
On Sunday, February 10, 2019
Live broadcast
: beIN SPORTS 1, Time : 20.30.

Field : White Hart Lane
Mauricio Pochetino, Coach & # 39; & # 39; Kai Deng Thong, led the team comfortably to 3rd place and won three games in a row over Fulham, Watford and Newcastle. Appropriate

Harry Kane with De Sole Allie 2 Star returns the team to perform this work. But still not ready for this match, Ken expects Ken to return to the Burnley game on February 23

Erik Dyer, a versatile player, could not infect the field. But the problem with Harry Bubbles, Moussa Sissoko, who runs the game.

The left last Welsh team, Ben Davis, still could not hit the pit. This duty must show that Rinpoche will choose justice or ascension.

Claude Puel, manager & # 39; & # 39; Blue Fox, "led the team to collect only one point from the last 4 games before losing home from Manchester United narrow 0-1.

This game should give Leicester an opportunity for Yuri City Le Mans, who first came to the first field. Just that a real or replacement star will be released

Mark Albrighton, a winged winged knight, injured his back. We should rest the entire season, including Daniel Amati, who had broken his leg before

List of players to enter the actual box.
Spurs (4-2-3-1) : Hugo Yoris-Kieran Tripier, Davincon Sanchez, Toby Alderwold, Jan Fentonken-Massa Sissoko, Harry West Wing – La Pamela Erickson, Christian Eriksen, Son Heung – Min – Lucas Moura.
Team leader : Mauricio Potettino

Leicester (4-2-3-1) : Casper The Hashemite Michael – Ricardo is Moraira, Jonny Evans, Harry Maguire, Ben Chill Powell – knocked together a list for the good, Wilfried ties. Didi – Demai Gray, James Maddison, Harvey Barnes – Jamie Ward
Team leader : Claude Puel

Judge: Michael Oliver

More interesting tips
– Spurs have won 9 out of 11 matches in the Premier League.
– Leicester has a total score of less than 2.5 to 7 of the 8 recent matches in the Premier League.
– Spurs have won 1 goal in three Premier League matches.

Results of the past meeting
Day, month / year, list of results

09/12/18 Premier League Leicester City 0 – 2 Spurs
13/05/18 Premier League Spurs 5 – 4 Leicester City
29/11/17 Premier League Leicester City 2 – 1 Spurs
19/05/17 Premier League Leicester City 1 – 6 Spurs
29/10/16 Premier League Spurs 1 – 1 Leicester City
21/01/16 FA Cup Leicester City 0 – 2 Spurs
14/01/16 Premier League Spurs Leicester City

5 results per

02/02/19 Winning Newcastle 1-0 (Home) Premier League
30/01/19 Win Watford 2-1 (Dom) Premier League
27/01/19 beat Crystal Palace 0-2 (side) FA Cup
25/01/19 Lost Chelsea 1-2 (lost 2-4 points) (visit) Carabao Cup
20/01/19 Fulham won 2-1 (away) Premier League

Leicester City
03/03/19 Loss Manchester United 0-1 (Homecoming) Premier League
30/01/19 Always Liverpool 1-1 (Away) Premier League
19/01/19 beat Wolves 3-4 (visit) Premier League
01.12.1900 beat Southampton 1-2 (home) Premier League
May 1, 1910 defeated Newport 1-2 (away) FA Cup

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