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BMA vaccinated against COVID, vulnerable groups and market traders in Bang Khun Thian – Chom Thong district – Post Today Regional News

Bangkok vaccinated against COVID, vulnerable groups and market traders in Bang Khun Thian-Chom Thong district.

Date 03. April 2021 Time 16:18

The BMA attends 3,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccination for vulnerable groups, traders and trade assistants in Bang Khun Thian and Chom Thong markets.

April 3, 64 Chawin Sirinak, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok He visited the area and visited the coronavirus vaccination (COVID-19) for vulnerable groups who are Thai traders and market helpers in the Bang Khun Thian area. In addition to encouraging staff to perform tasks such as doctors, nurses, and staff from the South Thon Health Services Center, Bang Khun Thian District Office and network partners

The Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has accelerated the implementation of coronavirus vaccination (COVID-19) for at-risk groups that are Thai traders and helpers in 22 markets in the Bang Khun Thian area tomorrow, about 1,200 people will be vaccinated by Thai traders and assistants in 19 markets of the Chom Thong area. Both vaccines will be given to the public by Sinovag. It will be injected in people aged 18 to 59 years and 10 months, and older AstraZeneco. An overview of today’s process is complete. People gradually came for the vaccine and did not find anyone with severe symptoms. There may be some minor symptoms such as pain, swelling, a slight rash. But any man can go home Who today has prepared about 3000 doses of vaccine

However, if someone senses that the body is not ready, such as high blood pressure or high temperature, vaccination will not be given. People who are not vaccinated today can apply for later vaccination at a hospital where they have a previous history of admission. In case we find someone who has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca and this side effect occurs. The National Vaccine Committee initially confirmed that these were not vaccines. However, wait for the experts to prove them and let them know in advance.

After receiving the vaccine, however, staff will sit and wait 30 minutes to wait and check for symptoms. Then go home And when you get home, continue to monitor the symptoms of Anaphilaxis. (Anaphylaxis), which is the most severe and life-threatening allergic reaction. Possible symptoms include: redness of the skin, hives, itching, red or pale skin. Dizziness Fainting, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain or diarrhea, lower blood pressure, swollen tongue, mouth or throat, shortness of breath and possible wheezing, feeling of blockage in the throat, difficulty swallowing, chest tightness, palpitations, weak heartbeat, fast heartbeat pulse, cough. Sneezing, runny nose, needle pain in the hands, feet, mouth or scalp, slurred speech, some with very severe symptoms may experience shock. Which can be observed from symptoms of recovery, discomfort, lack of energy, rapid and light heartbeat, symptoms of confusion, dizziness or loss of consciousness if such symptoms need to be sought from a doctor.

The first dose of Sinovag must receive the second dose of the second vaccine within 2-4 weeks, given by the authorities today and tomorrow by the second dose of the vaccine from 24 to 25 April. The first dose of AstraZeneca had to receive the second dose in 10-12 weeks, scheduled for today and tomorrow, June 12-13, ’64

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