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BAM joins Shopee to promote the campaign at the end of ’63.

November 23, 2020


BAM joins Shopee to organize a campaign by the end of 2020 to allow buyers to purchase ready-to-use properties and add special promotions For buyers who purchase an E-gift card at a price of 100 baht through Shopee, redeem the property purchase discount from BAM, special price, today until January 31st 21 you get a discount at the top for an additional 10,000 baht.

Mr. Somporn Moonsrikaew The PresidentBangkok Commercial Public Company Limited but BAM Said From the first quarter of 2020 BAM Focus more on online marketing.

By enabling online real estate reservations on the site BAM And yetTogether with Shopee Organize a campaign BAM x ShopeeExclusive By real estate confiscated at a special price, they publish through Shopee platform

In the month of June October 2563 The past kiGoAttentionFrom the customer asheatvery 51 buyers offered to buy the real estate advertised on the online channel in the total 120 million baht

To thank customers for buying a property online BAM to haveTogether with Shopee Organize a special promotion.In the campaign to celebrate the New Year 2020, welcome the New Year 2021 with a “strong promotion with 5 profits” To customers who buy EGift cards v Official store from BAM on Shopee Use Included in the price 100 baht canCash it in5 privileges as follows

1. Buying a propertySpecial pricefrom BAM

2. Get an additional discount at a special price (At the top) Another 10,000 baht for all items

3. Free transfer fee When buying in the cabin BAM

4.. Pay within 30 days, receive a voucher with the “Fast Download, Get” promotion to purchase products from HomePro in India.Fox or SB furniture etc.

5. After the transfer of ownership, they will receive Shoppe discount code Maximum value 9., 000 baht Depending on the priceProperty sold At the price of the property from 200,000 – 499,999 baht, get a discount 1,500 baht, property price from 500,000 – 999,999 baht, you get a discount 3., 000 baht, property price from 1,000,000 – 1,999,999 baht gets a discount 6., 000 baht Property prices from 2,000,000 baht or more receive a discount 9., 000 baht to be used as a discount on purchases of the day Shopee In the New Year’s seasonto have

That BAM It has selected properties that have potential, good location, readiness for use, types of detached houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses, office buildings, residential units and vacant land across the country, special price from 3.00,000 baht or moreas 100 items presented to interested parties can decide to buy the property they want.

forConditions for promotion and post-purchase procedures BAM EGift cards value 100 baht kiIt is sold for the right to purchase.Special price of the property (House, land, apartment) ReadyReceive promotions as determined by the company itself inWhen you press, you will receive an order “Warning In update from Shopee“And the company willPlease contact us again to confirm within the deadline 3. and ClientCan bring pictures “Warning In update from ShopeeCome onKeep buying inside 7. and

Interested partiesPurchaseMay BAM canPress follow the store BAM Official store on Shopee In order not to miss the latest news and promotions on https: // But find out call center 026300700


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