AIS Fiber takes care of the home Internet, offers fire insurance in Songkran | Siam Rath


Mr. Saran Phlohon Head of the Business Administration Department of AIS broadband connections confirms the trust of AIS Fiber customers to be happy in Songkran. Provide a complete network of engineering teams Ensure uninterrupted operation Enable customers who spend time at home in long periods of entertainment and enjoy the fun through the AIS PLAY BOX and the online world on the AIS FIBER network without any problems

In addition, the campaign also cooperates with Muang Thai Insurance. Provision of fire insurance for free residential houses for AIS FIBRE clients in the last 1-10. It was received very well by more than 500,000 customers, which policy began to protect From 11 April (16.00) past – April 30 62 (at 4 pm) The total duration is 20 days with a maximum insurance coverage of 300,000 baht, which is the purpose of AIS FIBRE . Take care of customers who can travel for peace.


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