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The financial report season began strongly, bank shares were successful, Disney's big profits and other effects, on Friday (12.) Wall Street celebrates, redemption, increased four major indices at the same time, the S & P 500 broke the key 2900 points.

On Friday (12), the US achieved four major index results:

  • The S & P 500 index increased by 19.09 points. For 0,66%, to 2,907.41 points.
  • The Nasdaq index rose by 36.81 points, For 0,46%, to 7984.16 points.
  • US inventories The Dow Jones index rose by 269.25 points, 1.03%, to 26,412.30 points.
  • The Philadelphia Semiconductor index rose 21.05 points, or 1.43%, to 1497.12 points.
Schematic view of the S & P panel. (Photo: Finviz)

The S & P 500 Index closed only 11 sectors in 11 sectors, while health continued to decline today with declining trend, today it fell by almost 1%, the financial sector made a profit, it increased by 1.93%, followed by materials ( 1.31%) and industry (1.28). %) Plate.

JP Morgan Chase (JPM-US) published a report on earnings that hit record-breaking growth of 4.69% on Friday, resulting in a total growth in bank shares, and Morgan Stanley (MS-US) 4.22%; USA) increased by 2.29%.

Wells Fargo (WFC-US) reported a profit that was better than expected, but closed by 2.64%, as its net profit was low.

Fangi (FAANG) are mixed. Netflix (NFLX-US) fell by 4.49%, Apple (AAPL-US) fell by 0.040%, Amazon (AMZN-US) fell by 0.055%, Alphabet (GOOGL-US) increased by 1 , 09%, and Facebook (FB-US) by 0.90%.

Semiconductor supplies. Micron (MU-US) fell by 0.64%, Intel (INTC-US) by 1.11%, AMD (AMD-US) by 0.22%, and Nvidia (NVDA-US) by 0.80 % And Texas Instruments (TXN-US) by 1.64%. .

These ADR stocks have increased and decreased. UMC ADR (UMC-US) increased by 1.55%, TSMC ADR (TSM-US) increased by 1.14%, Chunghwa Telecom ADR (CHT-US) by 0.60%, ASE ADR ASX-US) by 0.88%, AUO ADR (AUO) -US) fell by 1.06%.

Business news

Disney joined the video server battlefield, the newly released Disney + Audio and video service will officially launch on November 12th, and the price is lower than Netflix, which prompted Disney's (DIS-US) price of 11.54% on Friday, but Netflix dragged on.

Disney joined the video battlefield and started with Disney + video and audio. (Photo: AFP)

David Einhorn, the founder of Greenlight Capital, called into question the safety of Tesla, lower prices and too optimistic forecasts of automotive demand, so short-term Tesla (TSLA-US) fell by 0.27%. .

Chevron's American oil giant Chevron (CVX-US) closed 4.94% on Friday. The company announced that Anadarko was bought with $ 33 billion of cash and stocks, and is expected to be completed in the second half of this year.

Wall Street Analysis

Wall Street is expected to be optimistic about this season's earnings. FactSeta data show that the S & P 500 index fell by 4.2% in the first quarter, which is the first time that S & P components shrunk in the second quarter of 2016.

Investors are worried that there could be a global economic slowdown, especially in China, but China's exports in March rose by 14.2% year-on-year, which is better than expected, which reduces market concerns about the world's second-largest economy .

Jeff Kravetz, Regional Investment Manager at Bank of America Wealth Management, said: "We have huge profits, Chinese trade data are better than expected, and the final financial report is strong, raising the market and increasing investor confidence."

The UBS report on Friday (12) stressed that the US economy is slowing down, but it is still entering a period of economic recession, as the new financial season comes in and traders closely monitor the stock market.

Kevin Giddis, Raymond James, head of the fixed assets market, said that defense defenses have declined over the past few days and that the public debt purchase has clearly disappeared, which is good for the stock market.

In the first quarter, it is possible to determine how long the stock exchange has returned to history, and market participants said that the S & P 500 index fractured the key resistance at 2900 points on Friday. 2940 points.


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