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Tumblr has not warned the App Store for any reason

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The Tumblrow Community Platform application is not available for an alert in the App Store. Tumblr officially said that the problem is still being solved, but the reason is not explained. Tumblr still does not appear in the iOS App Store ever since.

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According to the PiunikaWeb report, many users on Twitter complained that Tunblr disappeared from the App Store, which caused users to download the application. Official Twitter confirmed the news on 11/16 and said that it is actively improving.

Although the reason is not clear, but based on past experience, it may be related to the illegal content of the platform. For example, China's kinetic bulletin has been removed from Apple due to copyright issues in the application. Famous communication software Telegram was also forced to die because of child pornography.

According to The Verge, some Tumblr users upload adult-oriented content for browsing (including art photos or illegal photos). In 2016, the Indonesian government ordered a temporary blockade of the platform, and the blockade continued the day after. Therefore, it is assumed that the event caused by Tumblr may be related to the "content of the violation".


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