The official licensed game of the Paralympic Games "Pegasus Dream Tournament", directed by the director "FF XV" in 2020 – Bahamut


The official licensed game of the Paralympic Games "Pegasus Dream Tournament", directed by the director "FF XV" in 2020 – Bahamut

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Olympics The organizer of the Paralipeps International (IPC) announced today (12) that an officially licensed video game "Pegasus Dream Tour" will be launched for the first time to promote the disabled Olympics. Director of Fantasy XV, JP Entertainment, led the production of JP Games, which is expected to start in 2020.

Also known as the Paralympic Games (Paralympic Games)

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The Disability Olympiad (hereinafter referred to as the Paralympic Games) is a comprehensive international sports event for people with disabilities, and since 1960 there has been a summer paralympic game, and in 1976, the Winter Paralympic Games took place. The next summer Paralympics are expected to be opened in Tokyo on August 25, 2020.

To promote this sporting event, which is the third largest in the world after the Olympic Games and the World Cup, IPC organizes the launch of the official approved video game "Pegasus Dream Tour", which will attract young people this year for the first time. Extensive recognition.

"Pegasus Dream Tournament" is the first work of JP Games, created by the former SQUARE ENIX "Final Fantasy XV" director Tian Yuduan, who announced solo years. It is a new sports game role that combines the charm of the Paralympic Games by playing the role of JP Games. Take the fictitious city of "Pegasus City" as a stage for players to experience paralympic games of another world. Describe the Paralympic Games by drawing out the specific abilities hidden in all people and the dynamic capability that can only be represented by video games.

The game will start on various devices, including smartphones, and details are not yet released.

Information about games

  • Game Name: Pegasus Dream Tour

  • Game Name: Pegasus Dream Tour

  • Type of game: Sports role

  • Suitable platform: smart phones, etc.

  • Release date: 2020

  • Suggested selling price: draw

  • Language version: Undetermined

  • Number of players: draw

  • Age rating: draw

  • Developer: JP Games

  • Publisher: Undetermined

  • Agency distribution: draw

  • Official Website:

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