The front part runs through the central part of the north and there is rain .. Graphic weather from the four parts of the series – Zhongshi News


Today (25th), due to the impact of the front, there will still be a short shower in the north and northeast of the central region, which is still high before the day and the rain is expected to slow down after an evening. Partly short-lived showers, only the southern plains are cloudy weather. The temperature is slightly warmer than yesterday, the low temperature in the morning is about 17 to 19 degrees, and the high temperature in the north is supposed to reach 21 and 22 degrees per day, while the mean and the eastern half are 24 to 26 degrees, in the south 27 and 28 degrees. Level.

Forecasts from the meteorological office of Zhang Chengchuan said that the temperature will continue to rise from Tuesday to Thursday, and the whole area will become cloudy in sunny weather, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. The western half can reach even 30 or 31 degrees. He also recalled that from today until Thursday, the western half and the peripheral islands of Kinmen and Matsu will start with fog and special attention should be paid to.

The weather office has shown weather changes for a week. (Photo / Central Meteorological Office)

With regard to job vacancies, today's western half of the day is mostly "normal" class, Huadong "good" class, central, Yunjia South, Yilan blank area and Mazu and Wuhu area "ordinary". Tonight, Central Mountain, North and Bamboo shoots, and Gaoping Golden Gate area were rated as "Orange Reminder".

(China Times)


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