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The result of the first photo of a black hole in this history, the protagonist is a doctoral student, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a 29-year-old computer scientist from Buman.
The first in historyA photo with a black holeThe main result of the research is the MIT doctoral student, a 29-year-old computer scientist Buman. (Source: EHT / Facebook)

The multinational research project Ectual Vision Telescope (EHT) has published the first photo of the black hole in history and completed world-renowned research results. The main hero is the 29-year-old computer scientist Buman who developed an algorithm for producing a black hole. Photography is possible and its modesty owes the glory to the whole team. (Reading:Photos with a black hole are marked with copyright.)

It is reported that Buhman is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Computer and Mathematics at Caltech and that he is also a telescope for sight.EHT(Event Horizon Telescope) Project member, EHT is a program that focuses on observing supermassive black holes in the center of the galaxy.

The project uses a very long interference interference technique (VLBI) combined with radio telescopes all over the world that allow hundreds of thousands of independent antennas to co-ordinate, simultaneously observe the same target and record the data to form a diameter equal to the diameter Earth. The virtual telescope raises the angle resolution of the telescope to a level sufficient to observe the structure of the horizon of the event.

EHT extends eight radio telescopes around the world to form a virtual telescope that is as large as Earth, and huge data collected needs to be analyzed and integrated with Buhman's algorithm and finally displayed. (Related reading: The first photo with a black hole in human history is 55 million light-years from Earth)

According to the "Central News News", Buhman's algorithm was developed three years ago to allow black holes to be photographed. Scientists who support Buman come from the Laboratory of Computing and Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the MIT Wall Observatory and the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

When the development of the team made new progress, Buman ordered the first photo of a black hole in history on Facebook and sent a message: "I'm incredibly watching the image of the black hole I first made." After photographs were widely distributed across the Internet, after the simultaneous exposure, Buhman and members of his team who developed the account received many congratulations and quickly became an international focus.

Buman uploaded the first photo with a black hole in history on Facebook and sent a message: "Undeniably I see the image of the black hole I first made."

In an exclusive interview with CNN journalists, Buman said: "No one can carry out initiatives independently. People who work together to achieve the project have many people with different backgrounds and are different from each other." Countries totaling more than 200.

Buman deserves glory for the whole team and publishes a letter on Facebook: "This photo (black hole) is not a single performance algorithm or individual achievement, but a group of scientists from around the world who contribute their incredible results. Talent is something that everyone came after years hard work. "(Reading: The Black Hole in Human History, Taiwan plays a key role)

Buman deserves glory for the whole team.


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