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Korean Yu
▲ Mayor of KMT Kaohsiung, South Korea Yu, led the phenomenon of "Korean waves" at the end of the year to become the goal of the green camp. (Photo / reporter Su Rongquan photo, 2018.11.10)

Candidate for KMT Kaohsiung KMT, South Korea Yu, climbed the phenomenon of "Korean waves" at the end of the year, and at the same time became the target of the Green Camp. The Pan-Green Political Theory program used the inland "fifth column" that helped South Korea to Okayama as a topic of discussion. In this regard, the former Kuomintang legislator Sun Daqian said today ("If Taiwan has in fact so many" five columns "from mainland China, then maybe Taiwan has fallen into the trap?"

The name of the fifth column originated from the Spanish civil war in 1936. General Franco and the Spanish Republican army fought. The Buddha was sent to circle Madrid. Someone asked him: "How many pillars do you send?" Franco said: "The four pillars are surrounded by a fifth of the column that is already in the city." It is now known as an enemy spy hidden inside another party, also known as Trojan tactics.

Sun Daqian believes that the composition of the "Korean waves" comes from many different people, including those who are issuing and sacrificing DPP, "abominable generations" struggling for low-paid jobs, the environmental agents deceived by President Tsai Ing-wen; At a party for "card management", ruthless and unbearable intellectuals; it is enough that Chen Shimeng repeatedly plunged into the judicial dignity of the legal profession, the wrongly oriented anuitous reform of the terrible military missionary colleagues, because the product can not be exported, a deep-skinned friend who suffers from a fall in prices.

And the backlog of the Social Security Network, promised by Cai Ing-wen, a group of "equal rights of marriages" promoted by Tsai Ing-wen, men and women who, due to air pollution, are forced to "lung power" Young and old; citizens of Kaohsiung who want to swear by seeing their big and small holes on the road; "Northern youthful adolescent", who are unable to find suitable treatment in Kaohsiung, can only live away from their homelands, due to economic depression, the trade stopped trading, Kaohsiung citizens, who wanted to pay 300 billion yuan for the DPP government.

In the end, Sun Daqian emphasized: "I do not want to understand? The representative of the" Korean wave "is in fact" people's complaints "that come from the sea."


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