Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. led a decline of 170 shares within intraday trading


US stocks fell, TSMC led a decline, and market value dropped by $ 168.5 billion, while Taiwanese stocks fell by 170 points at the start of trading, temporarily losing 5-day and 10-day lines. TSMC expects more semiconductor booms this year, but is expected to be better in the first quarter than in the first quarter.

(Central news / profile photo)
(Central news / profile photo)

US stocks fell 460 points to 22. Taiwanese stocks affected by the opening today when it dropped 170 points, the lowest to 10470 points, fell below 5 days a line of about 10559 points and 10 days a line about 10480 points.

Wafer foundry leader TSMC led the decline in the morning, the lowest one reached 240.5 yuan, which is 3.2%, then reached 242 yuan, which is 2.6%, the market value evaporates 168.545 billion yuan.

In light of the boom of the semiconductor industry, the TSMC at the 22nd position said that this year there are several variables and economic development is decreasing, as international trade disputes and Chinese economic growth slowed down, various industries, including semiconductors, were affected. In the ubiquitous development, the future of the semiconductor industry is still promising.

TSMC expects that this year's economy will be better than in the first quarter, the semiconductor industry, which does not count memory, will gradually improve after the second season, and the memory is not finished, and the fall in prices will affect the entire semiconductor industry.


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