Silver confidence of shareholders of confidence in May goes on a trip in May, invests 1,000 yuan per month for employees


Dong Ruibin, Chairman of the First Bank, said that the board made a "shareholder / savings trust", and in April they explained to staff that they would go on a trip in May and return to January, equivalent to 5,000 yuan for employees in May. From January to May, 1,000 yuan will be allocated each month, and employees will have to assign 5,000 yuan to the custody account.

This is guaranteed by the first silver of 1,000 yuan per month to help employees, such as the payment of 1,000 yuan for employees.

He said that employees may choose to have publishing trust or savings trust, and the former can only be the first gold stock, and the latter can choose the money or resources.

He said that if the deposit is deposited, the deposit interest rate will be higher than the card's interest rate, and Dong Ruibin said that the Ministry of Finance is optimistic about improving the welfare of employees.

Including Zhaofeng Yin and Taiwan Enterprise Bank, shareholder funds are employed, including Zhaoyin Silver, financed by an employee of a labor fair, and the first silver is directly financed by the company.

The first executive director of the bank said that this trust in equity ownership applies only to the first 7,200 employees, while other subsidiaries do not apply, while the subsidiaries plan earnings of other employees.

Now, as the first golden life, as long as the employees are waiting for 3 years, life insurance will be earmarked for $ 500 a month in order to protect the group for the change of life insurance. (Liao Yijun / Taipei report)

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