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After a few days of earthquakes, Lakers coach Luke Walton was followed, who only had three days more than president of Magic. Rob Pelinka, the only general manager in the middle, was the only survivor to look for the work of the next coach, which left LeBron James manager unprepared. Pelinka said: "Thank Luck Wharton for his hard work in the last three years and I want him a good trip."

Luke Wharton's departure was completely unexpected, and he would soon find a new job because he was very interested in the king who had just fired the coach. His record in the last three years was only 98 victories and 148 defeats, but everyone knows that this is not his fault, but because of his good acting as a warrior assistant he was still very open.

ESPN "Wo Shen" broke news that the former coach of Cavaliers Tyronn Lue had the opportunity to take over the Lakers coach. After the tragedy of Luke Wharton, there are not many candidates who could manage James. The season Tyrone Lu Kai (late October last year) suddenly pulled out of Cavaliers, helped Cavalier win the championship and three champions of the Eastern Conference.

It is more unexpected that Pelinka can actually be left, since in this conflict the power was originally the least optimistic, but that may be only a few days. In any case, the battle for the stars outside of the season has not started yet and the Lakers have become messy.

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