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[Ekskluzivno]The owner of a barbecue shop beat the store manager with one parent who was a 3-year-old child! He claimed it was a misunderstanding | Apple News Network | Apple Daily

(Newly added: The boss who allegedly abused the child claimed that he did not understand and published the news)

Suspicion of child abuse is suspected to have erupted in Taichung! A 3-year-old boy in Taichung was physically punished by the boss of a single mother (16) a few days ago, causing severe bruises on his buttocks and several injuries on his body. A single mother told Apple that the boy was too skinny: “I have an authorized boss to fix it.” Although this is unacceptable, she still trusts him. A friend revealed that single mothers were worried they would lose their jobs and the industry would even block them, so they helped the boss talk to the boss everywhere and didn’t dare call the police, and even the boss took the boy away again. He took care of the boy’s safety and quickly broke the news exclusively for Apple News.

Police immediately returned the boss with the last name Chen, who beat him up, and the single mother, who was the manager of the store under investigation, and also took the boy to the hospital due to the injury. “Apple” called Chen Nan, but said he was currently under police investigation in a police investigation and said he would call him later. “Apple” asked, “Why hit the kids?” He replied, “Maybe you misunderstood, I’m busy, so let’s do it first.” Then he hung up.

Hong Zaide, head of the investigation team of the third subordinate police office, pointed out that the single mother, according to prior knowledge, is one of the grill shareholders and the store manager, because he is busy with trade deals, asked the store owner for help with discipline. Because the child is too naughty, he was unduly disciplined. The Office of Social Affairs took the boy to the hospital for a medical examination, and Chen Nan is also under investigation. Invite people who care to stay reasonable.

The incident happened at a barbecue restaurant in the southern district in the afternoon of 16. The public with the surname Guo, who published the news, pointed out that a single mother (22 years old) was preparing to open a store on the first floor and leave the boy in the salon on the second floor. When Chen Nan came from the second floor, he suddenly said “Sorry” to his single mother and then left. The single mother went upstairs only after the job was done at 3 a.m. 17. She found the boy barely standing. He opened his pants and was surprised to find that the boy’s buttocks had been severely bruised and there were many scars on his body.

People with the surname Guo said single mothers complained about them that night, and all single mothers were advised to call the police or ask the social service for help. But the single mother didn’t dare because Chen Nan counted her losses at the barbecue restaurant and even threatened to “leave you here without work,” so she didn’t dare make a statement. Then they heard that Chen Nan had taken him away again, they worried about his safety and they were afraid to inform the news.

Hou Shuru, director of the Center for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse of the Taichung City Social Office, said the center sent a social worker to the restaurant with a grill to find out; the district police station went to the barbecue restaurant in the afternoon. The boss, suspected of beating the boy, was not there. Her mother and two officers were taken back by police to help with the investigation.

“Apple” talked to a single mother on the channel. She confirmed that the child was beaten by Chen Nan, “Everyone has to discipline the child because he really doesn’t listen to me. I have the authority to fix the boss.” “Apple” asked. Is this acceptable? She replied with a mischievous smile, “That must be impossible.” But she said Chen Nan was taking the baby to play on the slide at the moment, and said, “I still trust him, so he’s fine.” I wouldn’t worry about Chen Nan abusing him again. “Apple” tried to continue with the questions and immediately hung up, explaining that “first make a transcript with the police.”

“Apple” arrived at the store door at about 4:30 p.m. That’s when the store doors opened and employees were getting ready to start business at 5.30 in the store. However, at around 5:15 a.m., employees suspected they had found an “Apple” waiting in front of the store. The door was knocked down and the staff inside were still working.

When “Apple” visited nearby stores, everyone said they didn’t know the boss had beaten the boy, and said the boss was about 30 years old and the store had been open for more than a year. The business was ordinary and the boss had little interaction with the neighbors. They saw an “Apple” showing a picture of a boy with injuries, and they said, “That’s really not right!”

Some users also posted the matter on Facebook’s “Breaking News Commune”. “Apple” contacted a woman with the last name Chen, who was an article from PO. She said: “Single mothers are very afraid of not having a job, and they are afraid that they will not be able to raise children without income, so they will help the boss everywhere. She speaks and does not dare call the police.” Chen said she is a single mother. took her son to live on the second floor of the barbecue.The shop is not busy to accompany the child.Otherwise they can allow him to play only on the second floor.Little boys, like ordinary children, like to play with toys and are not particularly naughty . (Report by Wang Yiche Local Center reporters, Zhang Zhexi, Zeng Xueqian / Taichung

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