Tuesday , January 26 2021

[Ekskluzivno]Shameless police officer! 18-year-old student attacked in fire station in police station library above | Apple News | Apple Daily

The cop is daring! Local police officers in Hsinchu County complained to Apple News that the head of the security department of the district police station renamed the butt of a student who attacked the butt of a student who was sentenced to further service, making the crowd very unhappy! When the boy was on vacation last March, he went to the New Taipei City Library on the 8th floor to read books and newspapers. When he saw the student sleeping on the desk, he stretched out the wolf’s claws to attack his hips. The student got scared and screamed. Go to the police station on the first floor. The New Taipei City Court was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act. When the county police station learned of the misconduct last week, it immediately noted a minor nausea, was transferred to an unsupervised position and listed as a counselor.

It is understood that after graduating from the Law Institute of the Police Department of the Head of the Police Administration of Hsinchu District (aged 46), he enrolled in the Master’s program of the Police University and was assigned as a police officer after graduation. He has been in the police force for more than 10 years and has two married women, colleagues. He said he works normally and is loyal and honest. He also supported the Jing Police Department’s disciplinary team to catch other police officers violating the law and discipline. When the news was published that he had attacked female students after the hip, many people were surprised and yelled “It’s amazing, it’s too much!”

The verdict noted that she spent the evening of March last night going to a study room on the 8th floor of the Zhonggang city branch in the new Taipei library to read books and newspapers. As he slept, the male Chu felt bad intentions and stretched out the wolf’s hand to touch the student’s ass.

The student was immediately awakened by the disgusting wolf claws and immediately screamed. The boy was stunned for a while, surrounded by the crowd in the study room, and then taken to the China-Hong Kong police station on the first floor for justice. Chu Nan confessed to the crime and intended to reconcile with the student, but the student had to teach the evil wolf, insist on refusing reconciliation, and file an appeal; Chu Nan confessed to the crime when he was sent to the new Taipei City Prosecutor’s Office, so the prosecutor asked the New Taipei court for a summary verdict.

During the trial, a new Taipei court acknowledged that the Chu man had confessed to the crime and was consistent with the testimony of the student’s victim, and the legal evidence to prevent sexual harassment was clear. The judge held that because of her own selfish desires, the student, when she resisted too late, reached out and touched the student’s buttocks. Apparently he had no respect for the physical autonomy of women. What he did was undesirable. The victim reconciled but was rejected, so she was sentenced to 30 days in prison for violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, and Yike sentenced her to 30,000 yuan.

The Hsinchu County Police Department said it was only last week that they learned of Chu’s punishment. It is indeed unacceptable that such a case has affected the reputation of the police. The inspectorate immediately investigates and clarifies it and confirms that it is true. Punish, transfer from uncontrolled positions and list them as goals of counseling. (Reported by Yang Shengyu from the Emergency Center / Hsinchu)

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