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Developed in 1996 by Westwood Studio, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, this classic real-time strategy game with more than 20 years of history, now captures Garderobo Like Hegemony 3: Revitalizing the Rebellion, EA with Reddit announced that it will the book was again made by Remaster.

"Red Alert" was a famous masterpiece of real-time strategy in Taiwan in the late 1990s with Century Empire, and later two "Counterstrike" and "Aftermath" files were released. Last month, he was a designer of Jim Vessell games in Reddit. The forum triggered bricks and jarring temperatures of the test water in order to get a lot of resonance, but now this old classic RTS is determined to be born again.

Joe Bostic, co-creator of Ultimate Mobilization Order and co-founder Petroglyph wrote in Reddit:

After more than 20 years, EA finally found our idea to play "The Ultimate Mobilization Order." They decided that the time has come to re-visit the original Ultimate Mobilization Order game to fulfill the long valued wishes of their fans. Petroglyph is made up of members of many former Westwood studios and is a great team to return the Ultimate Mobilization Order to life.

This remake is the responsibility of Petroglyph Games, which is almost a member of the original Westwood studio. At the same time, another good news is that Frank Klepacki, the composer responsible for the Ultimate Mobilization Order audio recording, will also join the redesigned line. I believe that there should be old fans who have heard music and memories are full.

Although we do not know the progress of the game and the start date, at least we expected to see this classic return, and Tanya as well.


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