BUG pays attention to "Wolf: Shadow Double Death" When spirits and Buddha kill you, wild warriors will commit suicide ? | 4Gamers


From the latest Software action to break the new work "Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice", it was commended as soon as it was launched.And malicious. In this part, constant death is a common phenomenon, but it is also dead, because of the death of a player such as Reddit, it can be angry and ridiculous.

As shown in the following figure, the Morloxx player from the front of the Pingtian House, when he reached the second record point of the Buddha of Ghosts, became the spirit of the Ghosts of the Buddha.

Yes, just like playing World of Warcraft, there are always people who do not feel comfortable without pushing the blank button, Morloxx jumps to the top of the Buddha's spirit so impartially, just in love. Death.

Of course, the game is just starting, because inevitably there is something BUG, ​​a player who will lead in the future will unexpectedly discover that a wild warrior himself will commit suicide.

"Wolf", when the player learns more skills and learns about the attack, the control point will become more and more like a real ninja in the second half of the year, which is the main reason that many players have repeatedly defeated, but never tired.

Although the game has BUG from time to time, but the card will still reward you with a happy death, it's better to always restart the game. I advise you that only wolves are next, when they see the spirit of the Buddha, the heart is still respectful.


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