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"Would you have seen me say: Wow!" – News International: Europe


"And what was your year?" This is the first sentence in a new program written by Louis C. K., in fact, a lame entrance. But the sentence is ultimately ridiculous, because a big, difficult man instills a little "irritating", in contrast to his year, which was catastrophic. The public knows that the fallen comic who got up has come to watch. On the other hand, he came to watch the viewers' view: how will he react to him?

Year Louisa C.K. It has 20 months. In November 2017, at the height of #Metoo, a newspaper article about five women accused of sexual behavior appeared in the New York Times: he masturbated before him. His name has already been added to the list Harvey Weinstein stood. This is one of the cheapest list in the show business, and those who wanted to survive in the industry, they had to move away from it quickly. Career Louisa C.K. it seemed to be over.

Teatro Nuovo instead of Madison Square Garden

He denied everything, but said that the accusations of women are true: "In my long and happy career, I could say and say what I wanted. Now I will retire and just listen for a long time. "

Is it 20 months long? Louis C.K. is pushed back to the public. When the comedian, who has filled eight times on the Madison Square Garden at the back of 20,000 seats, has to become accustomed to a new, more intimate definition of the public: Teatro Nuovo has a capacity of 1,000 spectators, not in New York but in Milan. He was in Greece before. Today he is performing in Bulgaria.

Fat, disappointed, world-famous

In small and far from home, this is the test of an artist, whether he can return to the company succeeds from which he was rejected. The core, however, is the question of how it can be continued in principle art those artists who wanted to boycott the #Metoo disclosures.

In Milan, tickets were sold quickly. Most visitors look younger, more academic, and more vital than 51-year-old Louis C. K .. The poster is an upright man in a polo shirt with a bald head and beard. His tedious, passive-aggressive image coincides with the role he has played world-wide: excessive weight, eroded, sexually frustrated, isolated, miserable, irresponsible, unreasonable and hostile, middle-minded, but highly reflexive white middle class, disputes about broken marriages and has to raise two daughters who love them all over the world, because otherwise there is no more. We could say: the usual urban inhabitant.

Playing the average type is to contact an enormous number of people who can be identified with this world of life. But Louis C.K. not only reflects its viewers – it exceeds the boundaries virtuosically for them. He is the master of tone and time response, and his black stories are delighted by his educated and nasty audience because they are made for madness.

It is indisputable how to satisfy the taste of the audience.

In one of his funniest performances, he grew into a fantasy of violence in hatred towards a child who is tormenting his daughter at school. The story ends so much that he, the heterosexual Louis CK, the father of the child, who was just heterosexual, was seduced so brilliantly that he was gay, in love with him, Louis CK, then left his father, embarrassed him and eventually destroyed the marriage a host of hostile children's parents.

In fact, these are wonderful times for Louis C.K. People never laugh better than when jokes are overly permissible and unlawfully assigned. However, in the American tradition of stand-up, a lot is allowed, which has never been more strictly prohibited in a real, serious world than it is today. And since Louis C.K. In addition, as a credible liberal from the environment of Jewish comedy, such as his friend Woody Allen, there is a lot with him, which otherwise would not have happened. It is indisputable how much he met the taste of the audience: alone in his fatal year 2017, Louis C.K. They earned $ 52 million.

Basically, Louis C.K. At that time, all those who evaluated behavior and views, especially in the US up and down, are on the moral right, only the liberal side. This is not an unpleasant problem: why a brilliant artist would be a brilliant person? Many even regarded him as feminist, the New York Times described him as "good news of a comedy scene" because people laughed hypocrisy – "especially about masculine hypocrisy". What if Louis C.K. and Louis Székely, as a real comedian, are similar?

"Pervert. Just like all of us »

In Milan there are no protests before the show as on the first returns in the US. Before joining January in San José, two dozen women had signs in words: "Women are no longer a threat to men than men." The reference to the source was correct: Louis C.K.

Many women come to Teatro Nuovo. Anyone who asks why he does not keep the revelation from this visit receives answers with the Italian gesture "come": what Louis C.K. do not be so bad; Anyone who goes to a hotel room with one of these should not be surprised; man was not a rapist, like Harvey Weinstein, he was most likely a bastard who had an accident because he was with a stone; what is happening in the US is the excess of the horrible; If you boycott your art for this, you can not read the book, watch the movie. Mladenič says: "He is perverse." Like all of us.

Louis C.K. In 2002 he saw two young comedians and then invited two to his hotel room. Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov were young artists, already a star. He asked in the room if he could get a penis. They thought it was a joke and laughed. Louis C.K. undressed and started masturbating. Both of the women later said they were holding, shouting and laughing in shock. After ejaculation on the stomach they escaped. Other women told about similar meetings with Louis C.K., his behavior was a secret revealed – but the secret is that his leadership did not want to look in public. Women have been told about attempts of intimidation.

Then Louis C.K. Red

"Women could go anytime," said the visitor in Milan, in the mid-thirties and actress. He did not attack women, nor asked her permission: "What if I said no?" In fact, at least one said no, Rebecca Corey. In 2005, he approached them during a joint shooting. Can I ask her a question? She said yes. He asked if he could go to his wardrobe together and was allowed to masturbate in front of her? She said no. He healed, Corry remembers, and then he says he has problems.

None of the visitors here in Milan would come to the idea to justify their visit by separating the work and the author and the like. Masturbationsgeschichte appeared his fans, artist Louis C.K. and he always thought that the people behind him were one and the same, as if they were almost obvious. Masturbation and shame are, if you want, the foundation of his work.

He also asked his old friend and colleague Sarah Silverman if he was allowed to masturbate in front of her. Sometimes she wanted to see this, she said last autumn. Otherwise, she said: "Damn it! It's disgusting!" Then Louis and she ate the pizza together. Masturbation in front of others was always his thing. It became only problem when it became famous Louis CK He himself also said: the question whether someone wanted to see his tail is not a question of having authority over that person. As Sarah Silverman said, he hopes to speak on the stage when he returns.

"Would you see me masturbating, I would say," Wow!Louis C.K. in the new program

Of course, Louis C.K. in Milan. "If you ask someone if you can fool her and she says yes, ask again: Are you convinced?" She advises: "Even if she says again, do not do it!" Do not be enthusiastic, if you hear that she is guilty of mischief, in which he is now, a poor sausage. The audience laughs, unconditionally. Their verdict is clear as long as it seems to them that the trial is ridiculous. Love C.C. in the future, there will be no shortage.

Everyone has his own thing, Louis C.K. but only about him knew the whole world. "When I got into the plane today, somebody sits and screams:" That's the guy! "Louis C. K. Passengers, like Louis C. K., mimics a masturbation gesture that once belonged to his insulting but innocent repertoire." I just do not like to descend. I'm good. I want to show it to people like someone who can manipulate well. Would you see me, I would say: Wow! Go, go ahead.

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