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What helps cough and runny nose in the summer?


Cysts often occur in many people in the hot season. "Summer Flu" is a talk term without a medical definition. The cause of the disease is many pathogens. "These viruses have nothing to do with real flu, flu," says Georg Pauli of the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. "Although there are symptoms of high fever, coughing or hoarseness, they are responsible for many viruses." The real flu is often more difficult.

What can cause summer flu?

The causes of summer flu are the same as in cold seasonal cold diseases: it is a virus infection that occurs mainly in the summer. When people are full – for example, in summer festivals, outdoor pools, summer sales, bus or air travel – viruses have very short ways: insert coughing, talk or sneeze his neighbor.

If the heated and leaky body is exposed to an increased draft in summer – for example, from an open car window or air conditioning – mucous membranes dry up and therefore can no longer perform their functions as a "protective shield". Therefore, it is more likely that viruses will attack the body and cause summer flu.

In addition to symptoms of colds, fever, chills, headache, ear and throat pain, vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain often occur. Viruses can only attack all mucous membranes in the body, explains the Baden-Wertemberg Medical Council.

What helps against summer flu?

Antibiotics can, among other things, be accepted with healthy diet and physical exercise. It depends on the frequency, not the intensity. In other words, it would be better to run every other day than to train at the gym only once a week.

Summer flu is usually not dangerous and after a few days it is overcome. Physical protection, sufficient fluid intake with cold drinks and cold heifers with fever increase contribute to a rapid recovery. If symptoms last more than three days, seek medical attention.

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