Sunday , August 1 2021

Updating the hammock on Android: The new EU plan requires Samsung, Huawei & Co.

For producers, this would mean that the updates of the firmware for security and stability should be provided within an appropriate time period set by the EU. If Samsung, Huawei and Co do not follow this, smartphone owners can even gain the right to refund – the failure of the update is then considered a software or hardware error.

Customers can then choose whether they will receive a repair or new device (free of charge). If the repair did not produce the desired success, customers would be entitled to reduce the price or terminate the contract associated with the device (for example: a mobile phone contract).

It does not matter if the product was purchased online or in the manufacturer's shop and would be in addition to smartphones for other devices, such as smart TVs or kitchen appliances. Whether and when and when the changes required by the European Parliament are finally implemented are at present not clear. In particular, with cheaper mobile phone manufacturers, such an update could lead to a sharp increase in the prices of smartphones in the long run.

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