The person dies at the outbreak of avalanches in Valais


On Sunday morning, at the top of the Clochers d 'Arpett, a landslide in four skiing cyclists took place in Valais. The rescue workers were on the spot, Canton Police Wallis said.

Four tourists were in the Malaluy Valley above Champex-Lac. In the Clocher d 'Arpette region, the group was surprised by the avalanche.

Members plunged the avalanche without spilling it. The other person was partly covered with snow. The third ski tourers were able to free the snow from colleagues. He was injured and was taken to a hospital with a helicopter.

With 4 Helicopters Air Glaciers and Air Zermatt, rescue workers were quickly driven on the spot. The only ski resort was able to save only the dead from the rescuers under a snow blanket of 1.5 meters.

All were equipped with avalanche carriers

A 37-year-old citizen of Vaud, who lives in the Canton of Valais, died. The injured party (35) is also Vaudian, who lives in the Canton of Friborg. Other participants in the ski tour are Valaisansi, aged 47 and 48 years. All were equipped with avalanche overvoltages (avalanche receptacles).

The length of the beach is 1.5 kilometers. Width 30 meters. The altitude difference is 820 meters. It descended to about 2800 meters above sea level in the region for a ski tour in the municipality of Bovernier near Martigny. People traveled without a guide. (JMH / SZM)

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