The new life of Lagerfeld's Choupette cat


Probably the most spoiled cat in the world. How she went with Choupette after the death of fashion minister Karl Lagerfeld.

It was declared dear Karl Lagerfeld († 85): Büsi Choupette. The fashion emperor, who died on February 19, destroyed his seven-year-old cat, who was permanent, and had nothing to do with it. Choupette also became a star who appeared at magazines such as Vogue or Harper's Bazaar.

Since her master Choupette is now very different. Mother's cat takes care of the animal – Lagerfeld's former housewife and confidant Françoise Caçotte. Long before his death, Karl Françoise was implicated as a future adopter.

Own house for a nanny

In Lagerfeld's last wish, Choupette was supposed to play an important role: he ordered that a mother and a nanny have a nice house available. In addition, Françoise should receive Apanage, therefore pocket money, and Choupette is still a luxurious lifestyle.

But the money also comes to Choupette. Of the people who sell Bussi: 1.6 million francs every year they land on their account. What a nice life for cats! (JVR)

"Choupette" is now alone

What happens to Lagerfeld's cat?


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