The Greens want Tamy Glauser in the State Council


Tamy Glauser is a successful model and is known throughout the country with her partner Dominique Rinderknecht as "Tamynique". Now it's a green party Bernese and wants to bring it to a federal palace.

From the runway to the Bundeshaus: The Greens want to win Tamy Glauser (33) for their party. Sibel Arslan (38), a green national councilor, has already invited a top model to visit his group in Bern: "We're just looking for a suitable date."

A few weeks ago she met with Glauser as a neighbor on "Swiss Diversity". She immediately noticed the political commitment of the model. In addition, she convinced Glauser's appearance in the SRF's SRF political program in mid-May: "Tamy has done an extraordinary job there and showed the political potential she has," says Arslan.

Tamy's grandfather was known to the SVP

Glauser is pleased to receive an invitation to the Bundesbern: "I can imagine that I'm going to politics. I would like to get involved in topics that are important to me." The former Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht (29) is already politically active in her daily life advocates for the rights of the LGBTQ community and climate policy. She has recently fought with FDP National Christian Wasserfallen (37), who has clashed with the laws on climate change.

But where does her interest in politics come from? "I'm from a political family," said Glauser, "the interest in the subject is probably in my genes." In fact, the model would follow the policies of her famous grandfather, historian and national council of the CPT, Walther Hofer († 93). "I think that now people know my biography, they trust me more. They did not just cut me to the image of cool Tamy. "

"Glauser has all the important characteristics of politicians"

For Glauser's political future, state councilor Sibel Arslan already had great plans: "I would like to have it in the National Council, which would give fresh air to the parliament," Basler believes. Glauser brings the necessary weapon to the political arena: "He has charisma, a good sense of the subject, he can convince with his opinion, but at the same time listen well – all the important characteristics of politicians."

At her meeting at the Arslan Federal Palace, Bernese woman wants to show her everyday political life, and at the same time present it to important people. "And then Tamy can decide where her goals are. Anyway, she is welcome at our party," says Arslan. And the lawyer adds: "I'm sure that Tamy Glauser will do everything in the politics she took over."

It's Sunday Tamy Glauser Gast from 10.00 to 22.30 on live show "In bed with …". Then ask her questions about love, joy, suffering, politics – and whatever you want to know about her. In the evening, the model celebrates a book in a Zurich store "Tamy: I do not know what I am."


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