Tesla's model 3 is much cheaper in Switzerland, but the thing is catching


Model 3 is now available from approximately 50,000 francs. screenshot: Tesla

The Teslin Model 3 is much cheaper, but the thing is catching

Tesla re-introduces its product portfolio in model 3: an e-car can be ordered from 48 to 200 francs. But the promised version of the budget for Swiss customers is likely to be a long way off.

The most important change for Swiss buyers: Model 3 can now be ordered in the standard version of 48 x 200 francs. So far, the compact Tesla – as well as better equipment – has an estimated 60,000 francs.

In the cheapest Standard Range Plus for almost 50,000 francs, Tesla reached 415 kilometers. For comparison, two more expensive versions with four-wheel drive and a dual-engine drive generate 560 and 530 kilometers.

The new "Standard Range Plus" has a partially superior interior.

Bad news: The initial version of the model 3 will actually be interrupted. Tesla in the US took a good $ 35,000 base version after a short time back from the online store. Interested parties can only order them by telephone or Tesla stores. How long she will offer, says Tesla. A few weeks ago, the e-car manufacturer made this budget version available in the US. In our country the basic version was never offered.

This is the next turn of Tesla's boss Elon Musk: he has recently announced that electric vehicles must be ordered online only online. At the same time, he promised to close many Tesla stores – soon afterwards it was said that there should have been several stores, as originally planned.

"Autopilot" is now a standard

By default, Tesla integrates a driver assistance system called autopilot, which increases the starting price. The cheapest Tesla, which you can buy in the US via the online configurator, is therefore model 3 in the "Standard Plus" version for $ 39,500 before taxes and accessories for electric vehicles. So far, the variance has cost $ 37,500, and at the time of booking, the autopilot function will become another $ 3,000 debt.

Tesla explains the change with the need to optimize costs and rationalize operations. The standard version is therefore equivalent to the standard plus model, but the software is limited. Customers may also have subsequently removed the lock of the software.

Tesla originally announced the model 3 as a popular electric car at a price of $ 35,000. Initially, better equipped and more expensive versions were sold in order to speed up the high cost of a long run of production.

In March, the new Tesla electric car climbed to the top of the sales charts in Switzerland. First, a clean e-car is the best-selling car in Switzerland in a monthly comparison.

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