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Switzerland wins the medal – Austria is in the finals


Switzerland is among the teams on the team competition at the World Championship in Are. Is it enough for Medal for Holdener, Zenhäusern and Co?

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Austria stops the run of Italy and is in the finals

After four matches, in fact, 2: 2, the Austrians thank Matt and the group, but it is a better time and they are in the finals.

Zenhäusern saves Switzerland's victory against Sweden

When Yule and Danioth lose in battles, Zenhäusern must win against Myhrer and have good fun. Valais delivers and saves Switzerland in the semifinals.

Scarce: Zenhäusern and Holdener will rescue Switzerland against Sweden in the semifinals.

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The champion in defense is out, Germany in the semi-finals

Linus Strasser won the last match and gave Germany a crucial point to win 3: 1 over France.

Germany defeated France's defender in the quarter-finals.

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Italy closes Norway

The Italian national team is in favor of Norway 3: 1 and against Finland in the fight against Austria.

Italy is still fighting for medals.

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There is no chance for Slovakia against Austria

After the quarter-finals, the Austrian team is still defeated and qualified for the semifinals.

Austria also beat Slovakia 4-0.

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Switzerland is in the quarterfinals with a white jacket

Belgium has no problems: Danioth, Zenhäusern, Holdener and Yule get their matches and demand in the quarterfinals host Sweden.

A clean win for the Swiss team against Belgium.

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Host Sweden eliminates Canada

Sweden is already in three rounds and leads 3-0 as quarterfinal and potential next opponent of Switzerland.

Sweden has no problems against Canada and is in the quarterfinals

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Germany obviously defeated Great Britain

Dave Ryding is the only winner in a duel for the United Kingdom, which allowed Germany to win 3-1 in round 16.

Great Britain is in the first round of Germany 1: 3.

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Russia does not defend the champions of France

He is the favorite in this round 16. The decisive point is brought by the rising Noel in the last match against Kuznetsov.

The Champion of France survives the first round.

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Italy appoints Norway in the quarter-finals

Vinatzer secures Italy against Finland in the last match of the 3: 1 point and thus enters the quarterfinals.

Italy enters the finals against Finland.

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Norway abolishes the Czech Republic

Strong performance of the Norwegian team: against the Czech Republic, Scandinavians win in all matches and securely qualify for the next round.

Norway defeated Czech 4: 0.

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Slovakia overcame Slovenia over time

The 16th round is closer to Slovakia and Slovenia: after four matches it is 2: 2. For better time, Slovakia will qualify for the quarterfinals.

Short victory of Slovakia against Slovenia.

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Austrian government in the quarterfinals

In the first round, he is also a clear favorite: Austria wins all four matches against Argentina and survives the first round.

There is no problem with Argentina against Argentina.

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