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"Switzerland is the last asylum country for Harvey Tartar of this world" – SonntagsZeitung


In fact, everyone knows that late night hosts such as Harald Schmidt or Jan Böhmermann can only be so funny because they have a team of writers who write scratches behind them. Most of the authors of the joke remain in the background. Anders Ralf Kabelka. The 54-year-old German wrote not only for all the big boys. He was always in front of the camera to see. For example, as the fictional CDU policy of Udo Brömme in feature films "Harald Schmidt Show". Or for the "heute-show" of Oliver Welke, for which the SVP is a Berne politician Erich Hess vorführte. After the summer holidays, Kabelka turns from Böhmermann's "Neo Magazin Royale", which helped him to shape from the beginning, back to "heute-show". It is time to talk about the transformation of TV-humor:

Mr Kabelka, you wrote for so many late night formats and comedy. So. ,,

,,,, doyen Billighumors!

A certain figure of television humor, I wanted to say! They were already working on Harald Schmidt when he was still kidding in Poland.

It was in the nineties. There was a great need for a re-examination of the borders. This also included disgust and distancing from the moral and theatrical cabaret – either stupid gagakram or breaking with some conventions and taboos, that is, joking in Poland. Since then, Wigaldo Boning's word has been known about what was uncomfortable to him, as he said analogously: Caber Dietra Hildebrandt. Boning later distanced himself from this statement. But I think that's what it meant then.

Harald Schmidt recently said that he would have to stop his performance after a week of the standards of political correctness.

And I understand that now they are celebrating the true eggs! "Political correctness" was not known as the concept of the right in the 1990s. But at that time, there were also some taboos, so do not do it, do not talk about it, do not talk about it. However, we have done this – knowingly, or hoping that people will understand that it does not come from a right-wing populist or extreme right-hand corner when we make a polite joke.

"Lies the press? Is this a motto of this year's carnival?" Ralf Kabelka was in autumn 2015 for "heute-show".
as clown at the AfD meeting. Those who supported the party found it all funny. Photo: Getty Images

What convinced you that jokes are not misunderstood?

We thought that you talked about the enemy for so long, what is good and bad, that everyone knows. That is why we could play with borders, show xenophobia and xenophobic clichés, so we pronounced them and called them with excessive clarity. This is something that would not work today. We live at a time when rights are strong and serious about what we are joking about.

In Harald Schmidt, the numbers in which women were assigned were also bats or whores.

Guzzier, a bit sad humor that plays with such stereotypes, looks like – even after #MeToo – it's crazy out of date, like an old man. Especially with Böhmermann, one or the other is very clearly heard from our colleague Giulie Becker, who is now again typical of such old men's boxes. We promise, but we are improving. Again and again.

In the "Harald Schmidt Show," lesbian TV host Bettina Böttinger compared her with toilet bowl.

We showed four images, including a bottle of eggplant, Emme's Alice Schwarzer, a toilet bowl and Bettina Böttinger. And we asked what they have in common.

No human would volunteer to fight them, that was the answer.

This also belonged to our playing with "What can not," which at that time felt like liberation, because it was always clear what this meant.

"He's moving like a fish in the water in this world": Ralf Kabelka at Böhmermann. They met Harald Schmidt and co-wrote "Neo Magazine Royale" together.

Then Bettina Böttinger came to the Harald Schmidt Show.

And he said, "I think it's shit." This was part of the learning process. Of course, then Harald Schmidt's fans were fans who said: "Well, you see how stubborn it is, it can not be fun." But there were others who said: "somewhere has a point". The Böttinger number is a very good example of what happened at that time – and today it's unimaginable.

In Harald Schmidt only jokes were written by men.

As far as I remember, it was. When the writer was invited to sit at the great conferences of Harald Schmidt, and if someone was joking again, he looked a little covert about how a colleague now deals with him. This was the first cute attempt to open. But in fact, it was a male circle that could not properly handle the situation.

Already 20 years later, men designed a comedy.

In fact, there is still a long way to go as long as TV comedy does not go back and forth. But in Böhmermann as well as on "today's broadcast" by Oliver Welke – as with other programs – something has changed in terms of equal rights. If this continues, we will soon get a hammer for women, as in the National Council or in the Bundestag.

In recent years there has been a strong repolitization and moralization of the Satiresendungen. Why?

I believe there is a need for localization in the audience. Also for new media. Spectators say: "There is a cacophony of conflicting information, we ask for a ranking." This offer has been producing windy characters of comedy and satire for many years.

Viewers want it?

People think it's good if I tell them where the enemy is, what to say or what's shit. This is also something new – this courage to say: "People, I see things in any way. That is more true, and this is quite wrong." This is a relationship that did not exist in the form of Harald Schmidt.

"Udo from Düsseldorf, hello." For "Harald Schmidt Show," Kabelka traveled as a fictitious CDU politician Udo Brömme. Meetings with Angela Merkel and Gerhard Schröder, like Brömme, made Cable known to a wide audience.

Harald Schmidt was considered a cynic.

I would say that the withdrawal prevailed. It was not meant to be at all non-political, but it should not mean anything to anyone. Nowadays, comedic hosts are more prepared for the position. This is also reflected by the success of John Oliver and Trevor Noach at the US Daily Show. Or Stephen Colbert, who literally shot at Trump. This willingness to position itself exists with Oliver Welke, and even more with Jan Böhmermann.

Böhmermann is also a child of new media.

In this world, he moves like a fish in the water. On Twitter and Co, it just belongs to positioning. And this is continued by Böhmermann on television.

For the "today's show" you presented the Politician SVP Erich Hess.

Yeah, I think it's become a nice movie. In classical political reporting, there are always so-called sectional images. They show how politicians go through the corridors or have a significant impact on the computer, while the text is pronounced from the beginning. We accepted this to the utmost, and Erich Hess, who firmly defended the expulsion of criminal aliens, was a welcome victim. I had the impression that someone with whom you can play this game that deserves it. Hess suffered this man. And I'd like to play my ass.

Excuse me?

Yes, the worst part is when she gets cute. So when you are on the way to the "heute-show" and one of the German FDP presidents, you are greeted when things get so sticky. I always doubt my profession. Now, you know that politicians coming from far away have a password: "Because I'm making such a strange joke, it helps to empathize." Because of course politicians know what we mean Play with them when me or Hazel Brugger appeared as an external reporter for "heute-show" at congresses.

"Just take off your chest and get ready for things." Kabelka, here at an erotic fair, is not always sure about her external phenomena, as she himself acknowledges. But what was sent so far, even the TV world was fine.

Are policy makers trying to be instrumentalized, used as a water carrier?

Yes, when in the 1990s I traveled like the wrong CDU policy of Udo Brömme for "Harald Schmidt Show" and fought for real CDU events, we could mislead people for some time. Today, in the age of YouTube, it's almost impossible to stay unnoticed. When I once wanted to appear at the "heute show" at the party's CDU congress, secretary of the party, Peter Tauber, felt that it was really funny to put up our own stand for our show where we had to take the accreditation. Of course, Tauber also posted on Twitter.

It's funny when the politician turns the table!

Well, this is just one of the big dangers of success of the "heute show" with four million viewers: that's of course the thing. The program is large and is happily accompanied by people from the political scene. This is an unfortunate development, because you have to resist, because my experience is that the best Einspieflilme are those in which there is a dispute, people are outraged and there is a certain amount of aggression. By the way, Switzerland could become a topic after the summer holidays.

Switzerland? We are not aggressive!

Well, when I see what is happening around the strike of women and what seems to be women's rights, you are even more lagging behind the Germans in terms of equality! The impression is that Switzerland is the last country in which Harvey tartars of this world can apply for asylum.

"Can somebody do something for somebody, it's a question of salary class." This sentence by Harald Schmidt is still headed by Ralph Kabel for his spectacular performances as an external rapporteur for comedic ZDF formats.

How do you decide who deserves to be ridiculed? In the contribution of "today's performance" in clown costume, you are publishing the AfDa affair for the carnival parade.

That was a steep number. I was not dreaming that I would soon be surrounded by a crowd calling me: "Get out of here!", "Landscaping!" And they attacked me too. I have not seen this before. It was at a time when AfD only radically changed. I was already at afd-party conferences, at the time of Frauk Petrij and Bernd Lucke.

Today is AfD the other side?

Yes, at that time, the AfD saw the Tweedjacken party, which was worn by Besserwisser, which is mainly the older gentlemen who rejected the euro. But on the demo I visited as a clown, they suddenly wound up with the SS ram suddenly on the neck with him. Journalist colleagues already knew about NPD calls. There you can see how far to the right AFD has already moved. And then I experienced this shift to the right, almost physically.

One of the demonstrators, AFD, complained that he did not think it was serious. Do not you act in the wrong way if by your act you cause more hatred for the ZDF?

Of course, there is always a walk on the back. Harald Schmidt once said a nice sentence that it's a wage class, or someone should step on someone. Say: the one who is lying on the ground and who can not defend himself does not exercise. In this particular case, the businessman complained about me for the AfD demo. And we do not shoot with a hidden camera: if anyone comes to me and has a clear political opinion that he wants to dictate to me in a microphone, and we think it's bizarre, then I think it's right to show it.

"Dear Germans!" In his first appearance for the "heute-show", Kabelka presented the British politician of the SVP Erich Hess in 2012. Hess suffered this "manly", says Kabelka.

Do you ever doubt that you have gone too far or worked incorrectly?

I see the danger. But as an external rapporteur, I am a hunter-gatherer and sometimes I miss a sign that is self-critical. But then we have editors who decide whether we can send something. There is also a television council of the ZDF, which had to find complaints about my contribution to AFD and found it OK. Anyway, my performance in the clown costume had consequences: the one who pushed me was a candidate for the Berlin City Council and was not elected according to my contribution. So it was a small success.

There are many satire formats on it: for immediate political influence.

I always think it's best that something happens and you do not put it. This also applies to Böhmermann's offensive song about Erdogan. Our goal was not to achieve the state crisis between Germany and Turkey with this song. It is impossible to plan such. There must always be many circumstances, including coincidences, so that the number of such dimensions can be assumed. Things are different with stories like Varou-Fake.

When Böhmermann claimed that the stinking finger of Greek Finance Minister Yannis Varoufakis was a fake.

Of course, we hope that this number will take some time, which is now a fake and a reality – and no one knows what is the truth now. So even if we invented the candidate for "daughter in the wish", we hoped that there would be a debate on how RTL people cynically exasperate the public's mockery. "A daughter in distress" is still in the background. Because you were a little bit angry at some time. The head of RTL should say well, this is very bad and it must be different. In the meantime, our contribution is three years old and the "daughter in need" still exists. Satire options are always very limited.

There is a claim that satire is a good substitute for news, as it is also good, even better informed and classified as traditional news and background.

Satire can not replace traditional information programs. Our ideal viewer is someone who can be reasonably informed about other information channels. Say: read magazines that look ok TV news or magazines. There are good things in the networks. We do not want to start from scratch if we make a longer distance to the subject, so we are dependent on the fact that the audience already brings knowledge. I say: TV is work, especially for audiences! However, from the release numbers of individual contributions from the program, we see that our viewers are interested in topics such as carousel.

"With the standards of political correctness" I would lose my show on Sat 1 in a week, said Harald Schmidt recently. Kabelka helped shape the show, and she entertained how Schmidt celebrated the "right-handed egghead".

These are not necessarily topics that seem to fascinate younger viewers on the Internet.

However, our experience shows that it is clearly necessary, especially among younger viewers, to consider such topics. The comedy is then Zückerli, which makes it difficult to disseminate information for the public. Or how access to the topic is possible. It sounds like the Federal Agency for Citizenship instructs us to teach people. But this is just that we come from the journalistic world: Jan Böhmermann has journalism education, and I – just like many other authors of satirical broadcasts. The fact that you have the need to care for content can also be a response to the nineties when you made a relatively inexpensive comedy.

In the meantime, Böhmermann was credited with almost everything even though he ordered a Strache video that crashed the Austrian government.

This worked hard for a Czech man, for example, with a fake story by Varoo or with a search for a "real daughter". Böhmermann was finally the knight himself, Strache, who in a retaliatory speech told the press that he wanted to know what role Herr Böhmermann plays in this case. Strache hinted that we had something to do with it, which was not the case. Or is it? Of course it was fun that we played with this expectation and that it was suspicious.

Böhmermann knew that Strache saw the video before the announcement, as he explained in his reception speech at the Austrian television award.

Yes, but I think it's good that the Süddeutsche Zeitung was finally and the mirror that posted the video. Since then you've also seen what belongs to such a video and related story to seriously make sure that everything is waterproof.

Speaking of Seriousness: I recently saw on Instagram how you came to the table at the Jan Böhmermann Conference and, well …

… he pulled a condom over his leg. As a homeopathic advice for sweating your feet so that you can wear long socks longer! Of course this is absolute gaga nonsense, but I do not know a part of my personality, perhaps darker. That's why I decided to become a comedy profession and left the professional career of a reputable journalist.

For nearly ten years, he was the editor of the quality cultural program "Fazit" in Deutschlandradio.

It was also very fun. But already in the "Conclusion" period, I wrote to Harald Schmidt, in fact, since his appearance. It was already clear there were two hearts in my chest. So, Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde-moderate: In the course of the day, I abandoned cultural journalism and at night acted in dark comedy. This is probably my nature: in a week, for Böhmermann I deal with fiscal carousels, and the next one is fun to pull the condom over his foot. Being on one or the other track is not good for my soul budget. I'm very happy to give my two inclinations and get good money for it. And as long as my colleagues do not say, "Oh God, it's embarrassing, go home", it's even desirable what I'm doing, everything is fine.

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