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Swisscom has charged too much to five times


The telecom giant Swisscom must enable Sunrise and Salt to share their network at lower prices – price reductions will be retroactive for 2013 to 2016. Costs will be tens of millions of francs.

The Swiss telecommunications market stretches. The Swiss Federal Communications Commission, Comcom, decided that Swisscom too demanded too much from its competitors Salt and Sunrise between 2013 and 2016 to share their networks. It now has to repay competition for the damage it suffered – that's about 10 million million francs.

For certain services, the body retroactively set the price 80 percent lower than Swisscom! On the contrary, this means that sometimes it takes five times as much to execute. More specifically, in this case the so-called leased water, i.e. Delivered transmission capacity between two locations.

The lion's share of the amount now to be repaid is the so-called last mile in households that Salt and Sunrise also hire from Swisscom. There were prices between 10 and 25 percent too high, Comcom decided. In the area of ​​cable channels offering Swisscom's competition, Comcom had no complaints.

"The provisions are designed"

Swisscom is now analyzing injunctions and examining whether they must be submitted to the Federal Administrative Court on the fundamental issues raised. She wrote this in a press release this morning.

The spokesman made a concise statement of the financial impact of 2013-2016 against LOOK: "Every year this is a low two-digit amount in millions." In four years and at least 10 million francs a year, this means at least 40 million, Salt and Sunrise paid too much to Swisscom.

Swisscom continued: "On this basis, Swisscom made reservations." In German: Swisscom knew what he was doing. She calculated the price according to the method she gave most, and hoped that she would end up with it. But the competition complained to Comcom – with success.

Now the question arises as to whether and in what form the Salt and Sunrise customers will benefit from the financial rain. Upon request, Sunrise takes some time to read: "We evaluate a decision that involves hundreds of pages, and we do not comment on this complaint period." It takes 30 days. Salt has not responded to the request.

Maybe they do not know it at all – Comcom informed all those involved only yesterday evening.

A dominant position is desirable here

Why does Swisscom offer such services to competitors? Although in most cases the dominant position of an individual company is not desirable, in this case it makes sense. Finally, it would be ineffective if, in addition to Swisscom, Salt and Sunrise were to manage the infrastructure in the last mile.

In accordance with the Telecommunications Act, Swisscom is obliged to offer certain services to its competitors at cost-oriented prices. Now it has become a question called 'cost-oriented'.

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