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Swiss Cup: Thun beat Lugano in the quarterfinals


Thun wins over 3102 fans in Stockhorn Arena against Lugan 3: 2. The strong second half with Sutter and Sorgic goals makes Berner Oberland a dream.

Game: It's a tough ride that sees 3102 spectators in the Stockhorn Arena. The hot final phase of the first lap starts in the 34th minute of Thuner's lead. The game is faster, more offensive. Guests are the same, but right in front of a tea party tea break. Daprelà is avoiding Karlene on the line. The other half – the same picture. Again, both teams start calmly. As long as Berner Oberland does not appear twice. Janko is upset again just before the end, but the goal for Bianconer is too late. Thun has been in the semi-finals for the fourth time and can hope for a big hit.

Thun-Sorgic after winning the Cup

"We deserve respect!"

1: 0 34th minute | Dennis Salanovic | Suddenly it goes very fast: Karlen finds with Salanovic's clever ball. Liechtensteiner could have put his team up another goal 80 minutes into the game, but he fired just outside the penalty box. Baumann gets caught in a short corner – it should not happen to a 22-year-old.

1: 1 | 41th minute | Miroslav Covilo | Carlinhos enjoys a lot of freedom to the right and crosses Covilo. Bosanka of 1.93 m won in the match with Rodrigues and kimala past Faivra in the goal.

2: 1 | 70th minute | Nicola Sutter | A senseless kiss man a gaming device before kicking in the corner. And indeed, the leather finds Sutter unlimited in the box. The advocate withdraws and Baumann does not give any chance.

Sutter with great direct reception

This door causes Berner Oberland to tremble

3: 1 | 81st minute | Dejan Šorgić | Wonderful hit! Spielmann began with Da Silva's break. With this, he pulled the ball out of the air and served Dejan Sorgič in the middle. Thun-Knipser stands where it has to stand and rip ice.

3: 2 | 90th minute | Marc Janko | Gerndt passes in the middle. Joker Janko crosses the ball. The first goal is for the guests to be late.

The best: Nicola Sutter. For the bench and his immediate dismissal after 71 minutes, leading to 2: 1, absolutely worth seeing.

Worst: Lugano Goalkeeper Noam Baumann captures 1-0 Dennis Salanovic in the near corner.

It was saying: Another win, then Thun for the first time in 54 years again in the Cup Final. In the Oberländer championship is not so good – and still wants to watch this semi-final, only 3102 fans. This is a very, very disappointing also for Thuner's share!

Thus, it continues: On Sunday, Thun travels to Joggela in FC Basel. Lugano has to face FCZ on the same day.

Thun – Lugano 3: 2 (1: 1)

Stockhorn Arena 3102 Fans – SR: Schnyder

objectives: 34. Salanovic (Carlen) 1: 0. 41. Covilo (Carlinhos) 1: 1. 71. Sutter (Spielmann) 2: 1. 82. Sorgic (Da Silva) 3: 1. 89. Janko (Gerndt) 3: 2 .

Thun: Faivre; Glarner, Rodrigues, Sutter, Kablan; Gelmy; Salanovic, Stillhart, Spielmann; Šorgić.

Lugano: Bauman; Sulmoni, Kecskes, Daprela, Mihajlovic; Cocilo; Carlinhos, Picchinocchi, Sabbatini, Gerndt; Sadiku.

Notes: Thun without Hediger, Tosetti, Righetti, Ferreira. Lugano without Bottani, Muci, Lavanchy, Vecsei, Soldini, Macek (all injured), Marić (suspended).

yellow: 20. Gerndt (offense). 90. Da Silva (error).

Da Silva (69th for Salanovic). Hunziker (88 for Sorgica).

Lugano: Janko (78 for Piccinocchi). Crnogoj (78th for Mihajlovic).

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