Secure WhatsApp & Mobile Phone Photos: Google gives away a nice Android app


Whether it's about WhatsApp chat history, saved photos, or important private documents: the smartphone now has so many private data stored so that good protection is multiple.

So be careful, to whom you open this chest full of private information. As soon as your unlocked mobile phone falls into the wrong hands, almost all smartphones do not have the ability to additionally protect certain areas.

This is exactly where the lock software & gallery vault is. With a handy Android app, you can easily protect images, videos, or applications, such as WhatsApp & Co., by setting up another locked screen. You can choose not only the classic PIN code, but also samples or fingerprint sensor.

Please note that we can always reflect the current status of such a free campaign and we do not influence the developer's decisions that can end sooner. Therefore, you should always check that the offer is valid at the time of the transfer.


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