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Prince Philip voluntarily leaves the driver's license at the age of 97

Updated on February 9, 2019, 20:18

In mid-January, Prince Philip summarized the consequences of his car accident. From now on, the 97-year-old is only a passenger.

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The 97-year-old husband of the British Queen, Prince Philip, gave a driving license. That was what the Buckingham Palace said on Saturday night. Philip accepted the decision voluntarily and after careful consideration, it is written in the message of the palace.

Philip was involved in an accident near the Royal Sandringham Palace in Norfolk, England, only in mid-January. Prince Consort competed with Land Rover, but he escaped without any injuries. In the second vehicle, the passenger broke his wrist and the driver injured his knees. The nine-month-old child in the car was undamaged.

This incident triggered a debate about the elderly behind the wheel. Philip poured oil into the fire when he soon noticed a ride – without a seat belt. He seems to have had the consequences. (Br / DPA)
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A week and a half ago, Prince Philip hurt a woman in a car accident. Now he apologized – after the person concerned publicly complained about a lack of response.

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