Premiere of the Oberägeri Theater Group: Things are not going well here, are they?


A number of guests appeared on the premiere of the comedy "Now Chunnts ned guet", which was taken by the Oberägeri theater group. The players offered the best fun.

Christian Tschümperlin

Regi Müller and Dani Blattmann imitate the masterpieces by Kari Wurst and Master Baker Maggy Mehl. (Image: Stefan Kaiser (Oberägeri, November 17, 2018))

Regi Müller and Dani Blattmann imitate the masterpieces by Kari Wurst and Master Baker Maggy Mehl. (Image: Stefan Kaiser (Oberägeri, November 17, 2018))

Comedies know many aspects. Some of the scenes are based on black humor, others are scattered or ears. And then there is a very typical Stammtisch humor: quick wit, sometimes under belts, and others always a little further. From this audience, in the first "Now Chunnts Sun Guet" scene, the audience already receives a delicious pattern. The butcher (played by Daniel Blattmann), the landlord (Damian Henggeler) and the master of biscuits (Regi Müller), with their fast-moving slogans, break their jokes in the village. The economic baker, for example, tells the butcher that, until he killed a calves, he already calmed him.

As you know, there's nothing left to chance in the theater. The fact that the butcher still has bloody stains on his apron, while in the autumn, or that the host keeps garbage bags on his terrace, will prove to be symptomatic. But she still beats her most with her sister and butcher with her wife. But she cheats you. When the unmanageable Guards Commissioner (Josef Iten) and an ambitious health inspector (Maria Nussbaumer) come in, the situation threatens to escape surveillance. The landlord does not leave any stone to deceive them. Funny dialogs always led to laughter in the hall. If the story ends well, it would not be revealed at this time.

The role of applications in the village

But what has definitely happened is the theatrical performance of the theater group. Daniel Blattmann, a butcher who just told himself the idea of ​​becoming nervous only when the curtain is growing, says: "For a good player, the expressions and movements of the face are a big thing. They only succeeded if they could live in their role. "Once in the village, it reminds me that it can work well with the role.

For director Erich Müller, comedy is a sophisticated theater, because the audience must laugh. "Surplus is an important stylist," says Müller. The fact that the theater group takes the risk of comedy is the result of Müller. He has the last word. The previous commission for the theater had the choice. In any case, a number of exercises have been paid since mid-August. The Oberägeri Theater "Jetzt chunnts ned guet" is the latest song before the 40th anniversary of next year. Then it will definitely be back: a very big movie!


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