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Neymar pours more oil into the fire


Start of training in Paris St. Germain Neymar was already skipped. Now, an artist who was ready to lead has caused further dissatisfaction with his Noch employer.

Opposite,Oh my goal"Neymar was happy to chat that his best memory of football came from the legendary PSC game. Reminder: Catalans reached 0: 4 from the first game with a 6-1 victory in Camp Nou. The game began in football, Anal as "La Remontada".

"The feeling when we reached the sixth goal was unique, spectacular"Neymar recalled that on Saturday he performed at his Praia Grande Foundation's event. After the celebration, Brazil said:The best part was when we won against PSG 6: 1. When we came to the cabin, everyone was completely crazy and surprised. "

She's back in Paris for now

What about the superstar, who seems ready to start with the letter of Seine by all means? According to his father, Neymar will return to Paris next Monday and is likely to start training again. "I have been completely restored, but now I have to train again"Emphasizes Neymar.

In the background there are talks between Barca and PSG. And this is far from effective. The Catalans offered to replace three of the four players against Neymar, the French were sharply refuted. The point: Because of the financial fair game, Barcelona can not pay a huge fee for a lost son in one meal.

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