Nation of Nations: Make a mood before the end against Belgium


Xherdan Shaqiri and his colleagues have excellent plans against Belgium. Image: EPA / KEYSTONE

"Only the media think that the coach is no longer under control"

Switzerland needs a victory against Belgium in Lucerne on Sunday in the last league game of the nations to qualify for the final tournament. So he needs what's so short: success over the top.

Against Belgium, World No. 1, in Lucerne. This is the next chance for the Swiss team to beat one of the big ones. "It's about time," said Captain Grant Xhaka the day before the match. It's time because the Swiss were often close, and then they are not over and over again.

Just like in a month ago in Brussels, when they showed a good performance, they scored a goal six minutes from the end, but lost 1: 2. Or just like in September in Leicester, when they had long prevailed in friendly England but were beaten 0: 1.

Vladimir Petković wants to avoid the fact that this lack of victory becomes obsession – even in terms of perceiving his career as a national coach. "Two years ago, we beat Portugal in a major competition, we played tie against France, Spain and Brazil. We could ask our trainers why we could not beat us."

There was also some advertising after defeat against Qatar, partly back to a man and national coach. "Only the media think that the coach is no longer in control and that we do not feel comfortable in the national team. We are very satisfied with the coach and the staff," Xhaka said. A big win against Belgium would be the best team response.

Table before the last game:

screenshot: screenshot srf

Sam Petkovič is not against Belgium and a profound entry into the curriculum vitae, but a collective victory. "We want this first place, because next June we want to play a great tournament with other top teams," Petkovic said. We could still assess the Swiss position as a successful one. Petkovich did not say this literally, but he thought, "See who is fired in the League of Nations". These are the great nations: Germany and Poland, for example, and Sunday, World Cup Second Croatia or England.

The second attempt is sitting:

Belgium has weakened

So it's about qualifying for the final tournament next June. But not only. The four A League winners and the best of the other will qualify for the final round of the European Championship in 2020 in five instead of six. The Swiss was already placed in pot 1 in a safe place. Now they want to join group five, because then only eight qualifying matches took place.

Whether Switzerland will play against Belgium with a defense of three or four, Petković does not. "I'm glad we played in both systems in the last race." How and with whom Switzerland is in defense, with two very unpleasant opponents, she does not have to fight.

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