Mel B. says two spicy girls had sex


This is not what the singer Mel B. wrote in her biography, but with the member of the group, Geri Halliwell, she talked to the camera.

Oh, me! Pop star Mel B. (43) chatted in a television interview that she had sex with her fellow Spice Girl Gerry Horner, formerly Halliwell (46). "We were the best friends. There was nothing serious. It just happened. We were giggling and that was it, "said musician Talker Piers Morgan at ITV.

Now, they must fear the anger of a 46-year-old who is now happily married to Christian Horner and leads him to a good home life in a country house. "She'll kill me," Mel B. faces, but hopes that her colleague will not give up sex if they ask him. Finally, yes, yes. And: "It was fun."

Rumgeknutscht with other girls

Geri was the only Spice Girl with whom Mel landed in bed. "When I had a piercing tongue, we kissed, I wanted to know how it was. It was just a kiss, nothing sexual," she reveals. (Wyt)


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