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Magazine on Friday | A short film shows how women pretend to work


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In the new short film Pixar "Zamet" it becomes clear how much women have to adapt to the behavior of men in order to be successful at work.

"Your CV was by far the most impressive, I'm sure that you'll fit well here." In these words, an employee of the investment firm B.R.O. Captain is a newcomer in a lift. After loud praise (no eye contact, because it is busy on the phone) then shock: It is not, as it is assumed, yet another carrier of the dress, but a puffy, pink ball of wool, called Purl.

"You're too soft!"

Scorching is vibrant and open. Despite his critical view and whispering, he tries to impress his colleagues. After some scenes the newly released short film Pixar But it's clear that director Kristen Lester: This will not work. Wool Ball Purl, which is supposed to embody the woman in the film, is taking men seriously,

In meetings it is ignored, no one laughs at their jokes. On the proposal that she gave, she answered: "You are too soft, we have to be aggressive!" Experiences that many women have probably experienced in their working lives.

So Purl decides to adjust. In a women's toilet, knit a suit and behaves exactly as she saw her colleagues: She screams, makes clumsy jokes. They also go on a baptism tour with them – and want to clamor for the attack. And then: Suddenly it's part of the team. Purple feels good.

Until there is another ball of wool, called Lacey Purple faced her trained behaviorThe Confidence apparently encourages Purple to stand next to it. He shows solidarity and brings together Lacey in the team – without playing any role. Some time later, men, women and balls of wool work hand in hand in the company. Despite the kitsch, you're looking forward to seeing him.

The director knows that

By the way, director Kristen Lester was inspired by her own professional experience, as she says on the video in the background. In her first career cartoon service, she was the only woman in a pure male team. "To do what I love, I became one of them." Only when she became part of a mixed team she realized how she had changed her mind.

Of course, the short film is a happy ending. And they're probably Purls eInsights and solidarity also things that would help women in real life, In order for everyone and everyone to check that femininity is not a weakness.

Have you ever been so excited about your work?

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