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  • Roger Federer is in the second round of Miami fighting for Moldovan Radu Albotus 4: 6, 7: 5 and 6: 3.
  • In the third round, the Swiss will meet with Serb Filip Krajinovic, who had previously beaten Stan Wawrinko.

"This will be a difficult game for Federer," Albot confidently announced before the match. And Moldavia held the floor. World number 46 required everything from Swissers who did not get the best free day.

It should not be great and Federer would fall deeper into problems. In both the second and third sets he faced the break-up of Albot at 3: 3. But twice, the Swiss head pulled out of the loop in almost the same way.

Interruptions at the end of the second and third round were enough to tackle noise and noise. And to avoid the fate of a year ago.

At that time, Federer also traveled to Miami with a final defeat in Indian Wells and failed in his opening match at Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Roger Federer at his first appearance in Miami.

I had to stretch a few times

Roger Federer at his first appearance in Miami.


The playful class is overcoming athletics

In the first set, Albot Federer equalized at an extra 1: 0 and then decreased. Moldovans also lived up to their nickname "Machine".

He wears this in his own statement, because he never fails. His impressive fitness proved against Federer. In the end, Federer was a bit larger.

Federer has also been able to reduce the number of errors from penalty to penalty. In the first set he made 22 errors, in the second set 17, in the final set only 2.

Nevertheless, in the third round, Filip Krajinovich will need an improvement if Federer does not want to experience another such shock. In direct meetings, Switzerland leads 2: 0 against Serbs.

Mediation: SRF info, sportlive, 03/24/2019, 22:45.


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