Kanté opposed the wrong game of Chelsea


Footballers are often associated with a stereotype that they are arrogant, thoughtful, and greedy. The public of Goll Kanté's public should have a completely different picture. The World Champion again shines a commendable action.

N 'Golo Kanté is world champion like no other. The most beautiful and smallest footballer in the world. It belongs to the track from 1.68 m up to the smaller ones. But in addition, the Frenchman is a great man. The 27-year-old Chelsea player proved this once again.

At the new phenomenon of "Football Leaks," the Frenchman, after moving from Leicester to Chelsea (in the summer of 2016), rejected a lucrative "blues" offer. In fact, Chelsea wanted to replace the part of Kanté's salary as a fee for his personal image and market rights. For this purpose, it would also be necessary to set up an own offshore company in the tax port.

In fact, it would be a good bet for Chelsea and Kantéve's treasury. The midfielder, who, however, denied it, concludes a long time by signing the contract. Until his manager answers.

«Nolo Golo does not want to take over this risk»

In the English Premier League this model is probably the usual practice. World champion, but he did not want to work out the curve of activity. The published e-mail from Kantés advisers from 2017 shows that the Frenchman does not want to be warned by fiscal tricks: "After reading a number of newspaper articles on pictorial rights and fiscal evasion against footballers and clubs, N 'Golo thinks that the proposed tax authorities can dispute the approach. Nolu decided not to take risks. "

In other words, Kanté signed the tax offices of this world and gave up big money.

Chelsea is quiet and does not want to comment on rumors. The spokesman said only on the accusations: "We are commenting on any speculation about contracts or matters relating to players."

Kant's first notable act is not

This is not the first time that the 27-year-old media has been positively noticed in the fight against the playground. In September of this year, the French won after winning their blues by train to Paris. Awaiting the next departure, the Frenchman wanted to take a visit to the mosque.

But that was different. In front of the mosque, Kanté was invited by his fan to a coffee shop to chat in his home. The star did not hesitate and accepted the offer. Together with the family of fans, they spent an evening with Playstation and Curry. End of story: Kanté gave up his plan to drive to Paris and returned to the cab.

Fan then wrote on Twitter: "The definition of true modesty. What a man!" We can join him. At N'Golo Kanté one or two other players can reach the point.

A bright world champion

Even in cycling, Kanté seems to be the happiest person in the world. Who else lives with training like him?


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