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Joop rows back: Klum pregnancy is "desired thinking"


Wolfgang Joop revealed that Heidi Klum was pregnant. Now the designer rocks back in an exclusive conversation with LOOK.

Wolfgang Joop (74) was convinced: Heidi Klum (45) and her fiancée Tom Kaulitz (29) are expecting an infant. In an interview with RTL "Exclusiv", he revealed to the manager that the top model is pregnant: "I think he is!" From where he knew it, he explained: "Tom told me so."

Pregnancy was a "wish"

But in a conversation with BLICK, Baby News rejects: "The statement that Heidi was pregnant was not serious but my wish." Designer continues: "Tom and Bill Kaulitz have only the last weekend in Berlin and Tom has not confirmed my pregnancy.

However, it would be unlikely to be pregnant with Heidi and Tom: since May 2018 a couple floating on clouds of nine, followed by a lightning strike on Christmas. After an expedited process, the child would be the next step for the top model and Tokyo hotel guitarist. Until now, neither Heidi nor Tom explicitly wanted to comment on speculation. But they did not want to deny children's news.

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