Saturday , July 24 2021

Jeff Bezos is fighting against extortion

The scandal revealed the divorce of Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon. He later tried to blackmail him with sensitive photos. Now billions of dollars are coming back from full tubes.

Peter Winkler, Washington

Amazonian founder and currently the richest man in the world: Jeff Bezos. (Image: Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

Amazonian founder and currently the richest man in the world: Jeff Bezos. (Image: Joshua Roberts / Reuters)

American Entrepreneur David Pecker is considered to be a good friend of President Donald Trump. This was also reflected in the fact that he spent money as the issuer of the sensational newsletter "National Enquirer" in order to secure the rights to the history of the former model "Playboy" of his affair with his then newly married Trump – in order to prevent publication,

The "Washington Post" followed Trump's political career from the start with a special critique. The president regularly records Twitter's toxic arrows against the newspaper and, above all, against his owner, the founder of Amazon and currently the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos. It means the donkey, but the bag is beaten, popular rumors. A few weeks ago, Bezos and his wife MacKenzie came up with the news to separate. The entrepreneur was aware that National Enquirer will reveal his affair with another married woman, which the newspaper did a few days later. She also quoted Bezos's private messages to her mistress.

Trump won publicly on Twitter. Bezos did not let himself sit alone. He was investigating how Enquirer got the news. It was followed by a film: Bezos reported in a public statement, received warning messages from the home company "Enquirer", according to which Sensationsblatt also has very sensitive photos. Certainly no one wanted to be published, there was a message.

A well-known journalist Ronan Farrow supported the presentation of Bezos He also said that he was extorting him too, because he investigated Enquirer and his sometimes dubious role. Farrow did not offer, but did not go public. Bezos has an easier game. As he himself said: If this opponent does not object, who else would do it?

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