Is Ostaargau now getting millions of euros? – News


In September, Transport Minister Doris Leuthard announced: the Aargau-Ost agglomeration program from the federal government does not receive any funding.
Such a decision can now be annulled.

Until then, it happened:

In September, Transport Minister Doris Leuthard announced the third generation of agglomeration projects supported by the federal government with a total of 1.3 billion francs. The agglomeration program Aargau-Ost was empty. Reason: The Canton has not carried out previous projects fast enough. The decision caused a great disappointment in the government.

Why suddenly there is hope:

Yesterday the Transport Board of the National Council approved the initiative of the FDP National Councilor Thierry Burkarte, which requires CHF 38.5 million for the Aargau-East agglomeration program. The agreement was clear: with 22: 2 votes. Then, concern for Parliament – especially in the National Council, Burkart expects good opportunities.

The agglomeration program Aargau-Ost contains important transport measures for the regions of Brugg, Zurzibiet and Baden in favor of road transport and public transport.


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