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Fantastic beasts 2 finally shocked us with the disclosure of the name, which in the near future, as Cliffhanger is likely to remain on the lips of all: Aurelius Dumbledore.

Attention, there are huge spoilers for Fantastic Beasts 2: Anyone who has seen the fresh beginners of the Fantastic Beast: Grindelwald's crime at the cinema will be surprising (perhaps) death of the main character Some time to carry a great revelation of the end: it obviously exists another member of the Dumbledore family: AureliusThat's Credence Barebone

(Ezra Miller). But can this data be taken into account at face value? How many players could you bet?

Fantastic beasts 2 reveal: Barebone's credibility is Aurelius Dumbledore

It's crazy: all the time in Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwald's crimes are hunting for a lot of fun (Tina, Newt, Grindelwald, the Grimmson head hunter, the Ministry of Magic) Obscurial Credence bareboneswho in return in search of his origin It is. He finds difficult to find his mother and we hear from the rumors that he is Corvus Lestrange you could be what you already have mentioned in the trailer with the pedigree was. But it turns out to be wrong opinionbecause Leta (Zoƫ Kravitz) reveals that as a child, she changed two children, and her brother Corvus died in a shipwreck. So, at the end of the film, it seems that we are from the beginning, we are not aware of the identity of Credence.

But this last scene follows: Credence receives from Grindelwald not only his first stick, but also his The real name is Aurelius DumbledoreNow it should be accentuated Albus Dumbledore's young brother be. But how much do we believe this claim?

Is Grindelwald lying in fantastic beasts 2 about the identity of accreditations?

Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) is is not exactly the most trusted sourcewhen it comes to real information. After all, we know from a mass manipulator that it has Strange as a weapon against Dumbledore because he was one of the few who had the power to kill "the great Albus Dumbledore". This brother Dumbledore Credence and wants to get rid of the dangerous Obscurial could also be good strategic lie to send a confession to Dumbledore.

On the other hand, Fantastic Beasts 2 are also "proof" that Grindelwald can not easily be forged: Dumbledore already explains Newt, Phoenix comes every member of the Dumbledore family who needs helpIt turned out that the Credenza bird is just such a fire (maybe even Fawkes?). Furthermore The first names of all Dumbledore brothers and sisters start with A so farToo much lbus Dumbledore, younger brother berforth Dumbledore, as well as his late boyfriend sister Riana Dumbledore there could be another one Urelius Dumbledore.

If Grindelwald's statement is true at the conclusion of Fantastic Beasts 2 and is the reality of Dumbledore's brother Aurelius, maximum half-life be. The anger of Dumbledore's brothers and sisters died in 1899. After that, credibility was born (according to the 1901 scenario). This means that they can do as much as possible Son of Albus Percival Dumbledore However, he was long in jail for attacking the three muggles that attacked Ariana. But we know it is Dumbledore's father in Azkaban diedBut how should I have a child of another child from there? Was he free from them?

Can this be a sign that a woman on a boat that has slaughtered a child as "Auntie with credit points"is credited to the end, whether it is in the end Aurelius, son of Ariane Dumbledore (and not Albus's brother, but his nephew), which would mean that Ariana was not only attacked, but also became pregnant with muggles, which her father later attacked. Do you have a baby before you die at the age of 14? our extensive knowledge of fantastic beasts it's definitely still worth the extension here.

Fantastic beasts 2: Does Dumbledore know who is the truth?

Another interesting question in this context is how much Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) knows. After all, we learn that it is in Part 1 Newt managed to drive to New York, He knew that his animal ex-student, Newt, would return the thunder that he brought to his American homeland. And he speculated that Newt would meet Credence. however What interest does Dumbledore have in the Credence program?

Albus Dumbledore is the hotel of a young man help with compassionbecause he is also his sister Ariana is indecent could you be? Did not he just want Credence Grindelwald to let him in his hands? Or it has own plans with him? Has Albus Dumbledore long known his potential brother Aurelius Dumbledore? As always, also Fantastic Beasts 2 Dumbledore the most opaque figure in this great equation of secret identities and creations. But perhaps J.K. That's why Rowling is right about Jude Law Discover the secretsIn any case, we can hardly wait to find out when and how to proceed,

Do you think Credence really is Dumbledore's brother Aurelius?


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