Sunday , August 1 2021

Heavy swings in Switzerland and premature spring start

On Sunday there is more and more storm in the mountains. There can be strong shocks. In the plains, the boundary low provides storms. In addition, hazelnuts begin to flourish due to mild temperatures.

In the Swiss mountains, a shocking shock can be expected on Sunday. (Picture: Nathalie Taiana / NZZ)

In the Swiss mountains, storms can be expected on Sunday. (Picture: Nathalie Taiana / NZZ)

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Switzerland faces a stormy Sunday. In the lowlands and in the Alpine valleys, caves are expected to reach speeds of 70 to 120 km / h, announced SRF Meteo. The reason for the shocks is the low limit. As a weather portal «Meteonews "writes that strong gusts can be expected in the mountains. Speeds up to 110 to 140 km / h are expected at the height of the Jura and the alpine meadows.

In the night of Monday, the snow limit finally decreases to lower altitudes. Snow is expected to be low on Monday.

On Saturday morning, the cold front caused turbulent conditions. A partly strong southwestern wind appeared in central and north-western Switzerland. This has increased temperatures: in the cantons of Basel-Landschaft and Jura, the thermometer has risen to more than 10 degrees.

The start of the pollen season

Those who suffer from pollen allergy must be armed: because of the mild heat, this honeycomb begins to bloom hazelnuts. Under the influence of the sun and temperatures of 10 degrees, the hairs wake from winter sleep, such as the Swiss Allergy Center "aha!" Male flowers – the so-called puppies – open and release pollen to the air. The flowering time begins much later this year than in 2018. In January, high concentrations of pollen were recorded.

In Ticino, however, the season has long started: the hazelnuts are flourishing to the south of the Alps. It's about ten days earlier than usual.

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