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Hacker sells millions of user data in Darknet


Hacker sells 617 million user data in Darknet – these 16 pages are affected

In Darknet, a hacker offers nearly 617 million invoices for sale. They come from different websites. Some did not know that they were invaded.

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An alien in Darknet is selling account information with 16 captured websites. The database contains about 617 million user accounts. The database has the size of several gigabytes. This is reported by The Register.

According to the site, the data is sold on the side of the black market "Dream Market". This can only be achieved through the Tor network. An alien requires a database of nearly $ 20,000 in Bitcoin.

There are data on these pages

According to the "The Register" data come from the following pages. The number in parentheses represents the number of affected user accounts:

  • Dubsmash (162 million)
  • MyFitnessPal (151 million)
  • MyHeritage (92 million)
  • Share it (41 million)
  • HauteLook (28 million)
  • Animoto (25 million)
  • EyeEm (22 million)
  • 8fit (20 million)
  • White Pages (18 million)
  • Photologist (16 million)
  • 500 pixels (15 million)
  • Armor Games (11 million)
  • BookMate (8 million)
  • CoffeeMeetsBail (6 million)
  • Artsy (1 million)
  • DataCamp (700'000)

According to the "heise online" pick some of the pages in the list was previously unknown – for example, a photo community "500px".

The "Register" checked the authenticity of the data by random sampling. The data is mainly composed of a login name, a password, and an e-mail address. Some also contain information such as location or personal information.

Passwords (poorly) are insured

Passwords must be encrypted, so they are not in clear text. However, some sites have used a dangerous MD5 method. Hackers can decrypt the password and try to log in to the linked e-mail account. This would be a realistic scenario, as many users use the same password on different pages. In the mail account, hackers would have access to additional information about the affected user.

The data vendor, The Register, said that its goal was to make it easier for hackers to live. In addition, he wanted to earn money and acquaint Internet users with better protection of their data. According to his statements, he still has more than 20 databases with nearly a billion accounts. According to the hacker, at least one person has already purchased data for Dubsmash.

Here you can check if your data has become a victim of a hack

Internet users should regularly check whether your data has become a victim of leakage. There are different websites for this. Above all, the known page "Was I Pwned?" By IT expert Troy Hunt. You can also check here if your password is still safe. Click here to visit the site.

There are also other pages and browser add-ons that let you know if your data is at risk. Here you will find an overview of useful links. Chrome users can recently install the appropriate plug-in for their browser.

Use a secure password

It is also important to use a secure password. What to look best for, read here

Use each password for each account. If you can not remember so many passwords, you can put them in the password manager. This way, you must remember the password for the password manager. You can find an overview of the best password managers and how to use them here.

Data sets with login information appear on the network. Only in January 2018, an IT expert Troy Hunt released a database of 21 million passwords.

(AVR / t-online.de)

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