GP Shanghai 2019: This is how the qualification took place


Who wins the 1000th GP of history F1? Valtteri Bottas qualifies for Shanghai in the semi. Ferrari must stop. Alfa-Sauber-Mann Raikkonen is most motivated despite the 13th place, thanks to EV Zug.

1000 GPs! Formula 1 celebrates an extraordinary anniversary in China. It's no wonder that everyone wants this prestigious victory.

The Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas leads on Saturday in the best starting position. The Finns keep their colleague from the team Lewisa Hamilton ("the car runs great!") Qualifying is only in control (23 thousand faster) and thus achieves the best starting position. It's Bott's first half in China and the seventh in his career.

And: Hamilton in Australia and Leclerc in Bahrain, Formula 1, the 2019 edition, with Bottas in the third race, the third semi-setter.

5 (!) A couple of series in Shanghai

In due time for the Jubilee GP, the initial layout also represents the silvery first row. Since: the first 5 lines are occupied by 5 teams, each with each other joining each other! Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault and Haas.

The second row is in red, Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel (3rd place) and Charles Leclerc (4th place) have to beat Mercedes in qualifying, but they have not yet written off the victory of China. Vettel: "Mercedes surprised us. They were faster in the corners, but we're right.

This could be an advantage for the race. However, there is an exciting fight between Bottas, Hamilton, Vettel and Leclerc.

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For Ferrari, there is only a third line for Red Bull. Max Verstappen maintains an advantage in the home game with Pierre Gasley. Nevertheless, Max is smelly. The reason: Vettel beat him in the last quarter in the third quarter and thus violated the unwritten law. "I will not forget that," says the Dutchman.

The fourth line is completely yellow – the pilot of Renault Ricciardo before H├╝lkenberg. Magnussen (Haas, 9th place) and Grosjean (Haas, 10th place) complement the special network.

Violent fate of Albona

Shanghai Saturday may already be listening to qualifications: in the third practice, Toro Rosso crashed. The tycoon loses his car at the beginning of the home and crashes into a barrier. Luckily, Albon remains undamaged, but his badly damaged car is not enough for Toro Rosso's crew until the start of qualifications – Albon must be careful.

A violent accident at the third training in Shanghai

Here Alexander Albon crashes into obstacles

The driver Toro Rosso crashed to the point when Antonio Giovinazzi replied to Sauber twice as a replacement for Wehrlein in the 2017 practice session and the race.

Giovinazzi in an accident

This Giovinazzi has been driving Alfa-Sauber regularly since the beginning of the season, and Shanghai had an accident that he got two years later. The Italian has already lost 20 practice rounds on Saturday because the engine installation error should be seen. On Saturday in the first quarter he can not drive in his lap. Technique is playing a trick with it again! He will not just leave his bad luck, slowly fans become restless. The Giovinazzi begins on Sunday in the Jubilee GP along with the Albarom driver from the last line.

Kimi is most motivated thanks to EV Zug

Coach Kimi Raikkonen jumps to Q2 – then it's over. Finns qualify for thirteenth place and start for the first time after 53 years or Hungary 2016 out of the top ten. The impressive series ends.

Kimi: "Yes, I lost two tenths and got too far away. It's a lot to race." Raikkonen is highly motivated for an anniversary GP, also for his "EV" Zug. "It is important that the ECC wins the game 2 in a matter of hours "said the current world champion, who was BLIT sixth right after qualification. Kimi, who will be driving his 294th GP career on Sunday, wants next Thursday at stadium 4.

In the third practice, the Alfa-Sauber driver had to dig another shock. There was almost a collision with McLaren driver Carlos Sainz. "He tried to push me out of the way, deliberately!"

This same Sainz was eliminated twice in the previous two races (Melbourne, Bahrain). He shares this fate with Grosjean (Haas) and Ricciardo (Renault). For all three: The jubilee GP in China (Sunday, 8 AM MEZ) are the final points back!

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