For 37 years now, Roger Federer is not ready to resign


The tennis season ended on Sunday night with the ATP finals. Roger Federer draws attention to the season, which motivates him to continue.

Daniel Germann

In 37th place, Roger Federer is not only held together with other tennis players, he wins the tournament and is still among the best in the world. After retirement in the ATP semi-finals, the waves are not forgiven, but

In 37th place, Roger Federer is not only held together with other tennis players, he wins the tournament and is still among the best in the world. After retiring in the semi-finals of the ATP finals, the waves are not forgiven, but "until 2019". (Picture: Team Ireland / AP Photo)

The final peak of the tennis season ended on Sunday without Roger Federer. Alexander Zverev won the ATP finals in London in the final of the season against the first world champion Novak Djokovic and possibly announced a new era. This is the first big address for the only 21-year-old German.

Federer failed on Saturday at Zverevo. But rarely before you saw him so relaxed after the defeat. The good mood reflected not only the expectation of family vacation, which is now over, but also the satisfaction of the last weeks of the season. Federer was not only able to follow, but even improved. In six weeks he played four tournaments, won the 99th title in Basel and scored in Shanghai, Paris-Bercy and now in London three times in the semi-finals. His body performed the endurance test with 16 games that were not only undamaged. Federer even felt better from the tournament to the tournament. While most of its competitors struggled with the tracks until the end of the season, it felt fresh and full of energy.

Federer, after the last competition five years ago, if someone at the age of 37 offered the third prize in the world, immediately signed. In 2013, he struggled with problems with his back. He started losing his games the way he was used. The title in Halle on the grass remained the only one. Since his breakthrough season (17 times) he has not lost himself, but this year he ended up as number 6. Since then, Federer has won three more Grand Slam titles. In addition to the Australian Open, he won three more tournaments this season, which became number one in February as the oldest player in the history of men's tennis. This year's brilliance, which honored in 2017, was missing. Federer has encountered several defenses. Already in the last competition of the season he did not win Zverjev's game.

Federer wants to play more in 2019

Saturday's match may also indicate how difficult it will be in future to win on big titles. The generation of players around Zverevja is pushing not only from Sunday, but also from a hurry to the top. German is not the only one, but only the most successful protagonist of the new wave. 22-year-old Karen Khachanov won his first title Masters 1000 in Paris-Bercy. Croatian Borna Coric, like Zverev 21 years old, reached the finals in Shanghai, and for the second time this season hit the semi-finals of Federer. The 20-year-old Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas improved from January to January from the 91st to 15th place. Behind him are 19-year-old Denis Shapovalov (CAN) and Alex De Minaur (AUS) at the top.

Federer is not ready to volunteer for young players. Not only is her great idol, but also the competitor, to which most of them have so far failed. And yet, the scene changed dramatically in 2018. Novak Djokovic, despite being beaten by Zverev, returned as a new, old number one and currently the best on the tour. But there is a change.

Federer will play in a similar context in 2019 than this season; maybe even more. On Saturday, he astounded his audience with the statement that he had to keep his body moving to the front. In practice, the situation was under-simulated. He indirectly announced that he will re-expand the tournament calendar next year. It is possible to return to the sand. Federer unexpectedly arrived in Paris-Bercy in autumn between Basel and London because he felt that he needed more matches to find the rhythm. Now, Federer obviously wants to re-test his borders and see what's in it. He always said he would stay on the tour until he could play for big titles. But if in the end he felt that he is no longer capable, the end of his career will probably be there.


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