Wednesday , March 3 2021

Federer claimed against Zverev

Satisfied and successful in London: Roger Federer will be in the semi-finals for the 15th time in the ATP finals


Today's semi-finals at the ATP Finals between Roger Federer and Alexander Zverev is a fascinating duel of generations with a completely open conclusion.

At the age of 37, Roger Federer had almost generational duels. Although ATP's proverbial "Next Gen (eration)" always shows promising approaches, the breakthrough (yet) fails. And so Federer usually plays with more than 30 representatives, as on Thursday Kevin Anderson for the highest honor.

On Saturday (15.00), but it's different for once. Alexander Zverev will most likely do the laurels for younger players – and now he is striving for the first masters finale in his second look. It was already the 15th semifinals for Basler; this four times lost (2002 against Lleyton Hewitt, 2009 against Nikolai Dawydenko, 2013 against Rafael Nadal and last year against David Goffin). With six titles, Federer won the tournament for the top eight years.

While he has not yet reached the quarter-finals at Grand Slam tournaments (this year in Paris) in Palmarès, Zverev regularly shines at the next highest level. In Madrid, this year he has already won his third Masters 1000 title – two titles more than Stan Wawrinka or Juan Martin Del Potro. And during this season nobody won several games (56) as Zverev.

While he is still embarrassed by long games in three winning sets, Zverev is in any case very dangerous for the 16-year-old Federer in the "short format". After all, he won two of the five matches. He lost his last direct meeting a year ago to the O2 Arena in a group stage in three sets – and missed in the semi-finals. Now she wants to do better. "This will be a difficult, but beautiful work," says the son of former Soviet expert Alexander Snyder. "In recent weeks, Federer has once again played incredibly well, which is a bit disappointing because Novak returned to the top."

The power of the days

Federer found that acute initial problems of old power. "I'm happy with my week," said the Swiss on Thursday evening. "Maybe 72 hours ago it was not." Federer tried something new in his high tennis era – following the advice of his coaches, Severin Lüthi and Ivan Ljubičić. "They asked: What about a day off?" And since Federer, as the real himself, a big fan has enough holidays and enough time, immediately agreed.

So the team made a perfect decision. Today Federer is happy and puts him in the right mood. So he went Monday afternoon on Wednesday and Friday.

On Friday, and especially on Saturday, he still had to adjust his routine. This time Federer ran at 14:00 local time (15 hours in Switzerland). No sleep until 11:00 on Saturday. In the evening, the most successful Novak Djokovic plays in the renaming of the Wimbledon final against South Anderson.

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